HB 1719 Suicide Prevention Training Requirement

HB 1719 was passed during the 2018 legislative session and signed into law. The bill included language that amended section 337.718.1 RSMo requiring certain health care professionals to complete at least two hours of continuing education in suicide assessment, referral, treatment, and management training, as a condition of initial licensure and subsequent to the renewal of the license. The provision goes into effective August 28, 2018.

After August 28th an applicant for licensure as a Behavior Analyst or Assistant Behavior Analyst must maintain documentation of complying with this provision. The aforementioned two (2) hours can be part of the graduate course of study or obtained through self-study.

Licensed behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts are reminded that the effective date of this law means current licensees must obtain the required two (2) hours of continuing education prior to the expiration date of the license October 31,2019 and November 30, 2019 and each biennial licensure cycle thereafter. The renewal application will include a question concerning compliance with this provision of the law and licensees must maintain documentation of proof of compliance.

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