MMA Results

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2023-09-16 MMARES StPDF File316 kb9/18/2023
2023-07-28 MMARES Independence Cageside FACPDF File60 kb7/31/2023
2023-07-22 MMARES StPDF File253 kb9/18/2023
2023-06-24 MMARES StPDF File331 kb6/26/2023
2023-06-17 MMARES Cape Girardeau COHPDF File320 kb6/20/2023
2023-06-10 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File252 kb6/29/2023
2023-05-13 MMARES St Louis Shamrock FCPDF File311 kb5/15/2023
2023-05-06 MMARES Moberly Knuckled Up Promo Fight Show 12PDF File364 kb5/9/2023
2023-05-05 MMARES Independence Cageside FACPDF File351 kb5/9/2023
2023-05-05 AKICKRES Independence Cageside FACPDF File145 kb5/15/2023
2023-04-22 MMARES StPDF File276 kb4/24/2023
2023-04-22 MMARES Springfield Synergy ENT LLC LockedPDF File349 kb4/24/2023
2023-04-15 MMARES Kansas City UFC LockedPDF File64 kb4/17/2023
2023-03-11 MMARES StPDF File59 kb3/13/2023
2023-03-11 MMARES Cape Girardeau COH LockedPDF File61 kb3/13/2023
2023-02-24 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 18 LockedPDF File61 kb2/27/2023
2023-02-18 MMARES StPDF File60 kb2/23/2023
2023-02-17 MMARES Boonville Midwest Fight League LockedPDF File326 kb2/23/2023
2023-02-11 MMARES StPDF File62 kb2/14/2023
2023-02-11 MMARES Moberly Knuckled Up Promo LockedPDF File59 kb2/14/2023
2023-01-21 MMARES Springfield Synergy FC LockedPDF File61 kb1/23/2023
2022-12-10 MMARES StPDF File58 kb12/12/2022
2022-12-09 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 17 LockedPDF File60 kb3/28/2023
2022-12-03 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FC LockedPDF File59 kb12/5/2022
2022-11-5 MMARES Cape Girardeau Cage of Honor LockedPDF File63 kb11/7/2022
2022-11-11 ProMauyThaiRES Springfield Synergy Ent LLCPDF File147 kb11/14/2022
2022-11-11 MMARES Springfield Synergy Ent LLC LockedPDF File62 kb11/14/2022
2022-11-05-22 MMARES StPDF File58 kb11/7/2022
2022-10-15 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FA LockedPDF File58 kb10/17/2022
2022-10-07 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC LockedPDF File59 kb10/11/2022
2022-09-30 MMARES Boonville Midwest Fight League LockedPDF File49 kb10/3/2022
2022-09-24 MMARES Moberly Knuckled Up Promo LockedPDF File60 kb9/26/2022
2022-09-16 MMARES StPDF File59 kb9/28/2022
2022-08-13 MMARES Lake Ozark Shamrock FC LockedPDF File59 kb8/15/2022
2022-08-13 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FA LockedPDF File61 kb8/15/2022
2022-07-9 MMARES StPDF File300 kb7/11/2022
2022-07-29 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 15 LockedPDF File58 kb8/1/2022
2022-06-25 MMA Brookfield Knuckled Up Promo LOCKEDPDF File340 kb6/27/2022
2022-06-18 MMARES Cape Girardeau Cage of Honor LockedPDF File297 kb6/21/2022
2022-06-11 MMARES Neosho Skip Stewart lockedPDF File300 kb6/14/2022
2022-05-6 MMARES Independence FAC 13 LockedPDF File380 kb5/10/2022
2022-05-21 MMARES Springifield Fight Hard MMA LockedPDF File400 kb5/23/2022
2022-05-21 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FC LockedPDF File339 kb5/23/2022
2022-05-07 MMARES Boonville Midwest Fight League LockedPDF File320 kb5/10/2022
2022-04-30 MMARES StPDF File338 kb5/2/2022
2022-04-23 MMARES Macon Knuckled-Up LockedPDF File268 kb4/25/2022
2022-04-23 KICKRES Macon Knuckled UpPDF File162 kb4/25/2022
2022-04-09 MMARES StPDF File329 kb4/11/2022
2022-03-26 MMARES Springfield Fight Hard MMA LockedPDF File389 kb3/28/2022
2022-03-12 MMARES StPDF File253 kb3/14/2022
2022-03-12 MMARES Cape Girardeau COHPDF File253 kb3/14/2022
2022-02-12 MMARES StPDF File60 kb2/14/2022
2022-02-11 MMARES Springfield B2 Fights LockedPDF File61 kb2/14/2022
2022-02-06-22 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 12 LockedPDF File64 kb2/7/2022
2022-01-22 MMARES StPDF File61 kb1/24/2022
2022-01-22 MMARES Knuckled Up Brookfield LockedPDF File61 kb1/24/2022
2022-01-21 MMARES StPDF File61 kb1/24/2022
2022-01-14 MMARES Kansas City APEX LockedPDF File70 kb1/18/2022
2021-12-4 MMARES StPDF File60 kb12/6/2021
2021-12-11 MMARES Hannibal Midwest Fight League LockedPDF File62 kb12/13/2021
2021-12-11 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FA LockedPDF File62 kb12/13/2021
2021-12-10 MMARES Cageside FAC LockedPDF File60 kb12/13/2021
2021-11-6 MMARES Joplin Skip Stewart LockedPDF File59 kb11/8/2021
2021-11-24 MMARES STL Guns and HosesPDF File252 kb11/30/2021
2021-11-20 MMARES Kansas City APEX LockedPDF File60 kb11/22/2021
2021-11-13 MMARES Cape Girardeau COH 84 LockedPDF File60 kb11/15/2021
2021-10-30 MMARES StPDF File61 kb11/1/2021
2021-10-23 MMARES StPDF File60 kb10/25/2021
2021-10-23 MMARES Brookfield Knuckled Up LockedPDF File60 kb10/25/2021
2021-10-09 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FC LockedPDF File60 kb10/12/2021
2021-10-08 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 10 LockedPDF File60 kb10/12/2021
2021-10-02 MMARES Farmington Nemesis FA LockedPDF File59 kb10/4/2021
2021-09-25 MMARES StPDF File61 kb9/27/2021
2021-09-11 MMARES StPDF File57 kb9/20/2021
2021-08-27 MMARES StPDF File62 kb8/30/2021
2021-08-20 MMARES Kansas City APEX LockedPDF File63 kb8/23/2021
2021-08-14 Columbia Midwest Fight League LockedPDF File62 kb8/16/2021
2021-08-07 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FA LockedPDF File56 kb8/9/2021
2021-07-30 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC9 LockedPDF File58 kb8/2/2021
2021-07-10 MMARES StPDF File56 kb7/12/2021
2021-06-26 MMARES StPDF File57 kb7/1/2021
2021-06-25 MMARES StPDF File56 kb7/1/2021
2021-06-21 MMARES StPDF File57 kb7/1/2021
2021-06-19 MMARES Neosho Skip Stewart LockedPDF File53 kb6/21/2021
2021-06-19 MMARES Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File56 kb6/21/2021
2021-06-12 MMARES Cape Girardeau COH LockedPDF File57 kb6/14/2021
2021-05-07 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 8PDF File58 kb5/10/2021
2021-05-01 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FA LockedPDF File56 kb5/14/2021
2021-04-24 MMARES Brookfield Knuckled Up Promo LockedPDF File61 kb4/26/2021
2021-04-17 MMARES Lake Ozark Midwest Fight League LockedPDF File51 kb4/19/2021
2021-03-20 MMARES Joplin ETG Sports Cage of HonorPDF File57 kb3/26/2021
2021-03-13 MMARES Cape Girardeau DeRay Ivey Cage of HonorPDF File75 kb3/24/2021
2021-03-06 MMARES Bethany Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File57 kb3/26/2021
2021-03-05 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 7PDF File58 kb3/26/2021
2021-02-21 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FAPDF File253 kb2/22/2021
2021-02-20 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FAPDF File56 kb3/26/2021
2021-01-23 MMARES Brookfield Knuckled Up PromoPDF File58 kb3/26/2021
2021-01-16 MMARES Hannibal Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File56 kb3/26/2021
2020-12-12 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 6PDF File253 kb12/14/2020
2020-12-11 MMARES Independence Cageside FAC 5PDF File253 kb12/13/2020
2020-10-24 MMARES Lake Ozark Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File253 kb10/26/2020
2020-10-24 MMARES Arnold Nemesis FAPDF File253 kb10/26/2020
2020-10-10 MMARES Sedalia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File252 kb10/13/2020
2020-10-09 MMARES Cageside FAC 3 IndependencePDF File253 kb10/13/2020
2020-09-26 MMARES Moberly Knuckled Up PromoPDF File252 kb9/28/2020
2020-08-29 MMARES Fulton Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File253 kb8/31/2020
2020-08-15 MMARES StPDF File253 kb8/17/2020
2020-08-14-20 MMARES Independence FAC 3PDF File253 kb8/17/2020
2020-07-25 MMARES Moberly Knuckled Up PromoPDF File252 kb7/27/2020
2020-06-20 MMARES Cape Girardeau Cage of HonorPDF File253 kb6/22/2020
2020-02-22 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File253 kb2/24/2020
2020-02-22 MMARES Independence CagesidePDF File253 kb2/24/2020
2020-02-15 MMARES StPDF File253 kb2/18/2020
2020-02-08 20 MMARES Columbia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File252 kb2/10/2020
2020-02-07 MMARES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File253 kb2/10/2020
2020-01-11 MMARES StPDF File253 kb1/13/2020
2019-12-14 MMARES Columbia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File252 kb12/16/2019
2019-12-14 KICKRES Columbia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File162 kb12/16/2019
2019-12-07 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File253 kb3/13/2020
2019-12-07 MMARES Independence CagesidePDF File270 kb12/9/2019
2019-12-06 MMARES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File269 kb12/9/2019
2019-11-27 MMARES St Louis StPDF File267 kb12/2/2019
2019-11-02 MMARES Cape Girardeau Dannie IveyPDF File270 kb11/4/2019
2019-11-01 MMARES StPDF File269 kb11/5/2019
2019-10-19 MMARES Springfield Walkout FCPDF File253 kb1/27/2020
2019-10-12 MMARES StPDF File270 kb10/15/2019
2019-10-05 MMARES StPDF File270 kb10/7/2019
2019-10-05 MMARES StPDF File253 kb10/7/2019
2019-10-05 19 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File253 kb10/7/2019
2019-10-04 MMARES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File253 kb10/7/2019
2019-09-28 MMARES Independence CagesidePDF File253 kb9/30/2019
2019-09-21 MMARES Columbia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File268 kb9/23/2019
2019-09-06 MMARES StPDF File270 kb9/9/2019
2019-08-24 MMARES Independence CagesidePDF File253 kb3/2/2021
2019-08-24 MMARES Columbia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File252 kb8/26/2019
2019-08-17 MMARES StPDF File270 kb8/19/2019
2019-08-10 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File269 kb8/12/2019
2019-08-02 MMARES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File269 kb8/5/2019
2019-07-27 MMARES Independence CagesidePDF File253 kb7/29/2019
2019-07-13 MMARES StPDF File253 kb7/15/2019
2019-06-29 MMARES Cape Girardeau Cage of HonorPDF File270 kb7/8/2019
2019-06-22 MMARES StPDF File269 kb6/24/2019
2019-06-22 MMARES Grandview Cageside (003)PDF File287 kb6/24/2019
2019-06-08 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File269 kb6/10/2019
2019-06-07 MMMRES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File253 kb6/10/2019
2019-05-24 MMARES Branson LFAPDF File270 kb5/29/2019
2019-05-10 MMARES StPDF File270 kb5/13/2019
2019-05-04 MMARES Independence CagesidePDF File253 kb6/3/2019
2019-04-27 MMARES Neosho Skip StewartPDF File252 kb5/1/2019
2019-04-26 MMARES Columbia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File269 kb5/1/2019
2019-04-13 MMARES StPDF File269 kb4/16/2019
2019-04-06 MMARES Kansas City Sharock FCPDF File253 kb4/8/2019
2019-04-05 MMARES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File269 kb4/8/2019
2019-03-30 MMARES Bethany Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File252 kb4/1/2019
2019-03-15 MMARES StPDF File270 kb3/18/2019
2019-03-09 MMARES StPDF File252 kb3/11/2019
2019-02-23 MMARES Independence CagesidePDF File269 kb2/26/2019
2019-02-19 MMARES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File253 kb2/4/2019
2019-02-16 MMARES Columbia Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File269 kb2/19/2019
2019-02-09 MMARES Cape Girardeau Cage of HonorPDF File253 kb2/11/2019
2019-02-02 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File269 kb2/4/2019
2019-02-01 MMARES Kansas City Blue CornerPDF File253 kb2/4/2019
2019-01-26 MMARES Joplin Walkout FCPDF File270 kb1/28/2019
2019-01-12 MMARES StPDF File253 kb1/14/2019
2018-12-15 MMARES StPDF File270 kb12/18/2018
2018-12-15 MMARES Kennett King PromotionsPDF File252 kb12/17/2018
2018-12-15 MMARES Kansas City InvictaPDF File253 kb12/17/2018
2018-12-08 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock FCPDF File253 kb12/10/2018
2018-12-07 MMMARES Blue CornerPDF File270 kb12/11/2018
2018-12-01 MMARES Independence Cageside PromoPDF File269 kb12/3/2018
2018-11-3 MMARES Cape Girardeau Cage of HonorPDF File271 kb11/7/2018
2018-11-21 MMARES STL Guns and HosesPDF File252 kb11/26/2018
2018-11-03 MMARES Bethany Midwest Fight LeaguePDF File269 kb11/6/2018
2018-11-02 MMARES StPDF File253 kb11/5/2018
2018-10-27 MMARES Springfield WalkoutPDF File253 kb10/29/2018
2018-10-20 MMARES Springfield ShofightsPDF File270 kb10/22/2018
2018-10-13 MMARES Kansas City ShamrockPDF File253 kb10/15/2018
2018-10-05 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File253 kb10/9/2018
2018-09-29 MMARES StPDF File269 kb10/1/2018
2018-09-22 MMARES JoplinPDF File252 kb9/24/2018
2018-09-22 MMARES IndependencePDF File271 kb9/27/2018
2018-09-07 MMARES StPDF File253 kb9/10/2018
2018-09-01 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb9/5/2018
2018-08-18 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb8/20/2018
2018-07-28 MMARES IndependencePDF File268 kb7/30/2018
2018-07-21 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb7/23/2018
2018-07-14 MMARES St CharlesPDF File252 kb8/13/2018
2018-06-16 MMARES Kansasa CityPDF File268 kb6/18/2018
2018-06-08 MMARES BransonPDF File301 kb6/15/2018
2018-05-11 MMARES StPDF File268 kb5/14/2018
2018-05-05 MMARES IndependencePDF File267 kb5/7/2018
2018-05-04 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb5/7/2018
2018-04-13 MMARES StPDF File253 kb4/16/2018
2018-04-13 MMARES SpringfieldPDF File267 kb4/16/2018
2018-04-07 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File267 kb4/9/2018
2018-03-09 MMARES StPDF File268 kb3/12/2018
2018-02-17 MMARES IndependencePDF File268 kb2/20/2018
2018-02-03 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb2/5/2018
2018-01-20 MMARES StPDF File252 kb1/22/2018
2018-01-20 MMARES JoplinPDF File268 kb1/22/2018
2018-01-14 MMARES StPDF File253 kb1/18/2018
2018-01-13 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb1/16/2018
2017-12-08 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb12/11/2017
2017-12-02 MMARES IndependencePDF File252 kb12/4/2017
2017-12-01 MMARES StPDF File268 kb12/4/2017
2017-12-01 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb12/4/2017
2017-11-22 MMARES StPDF File252 kb11/27/2017
2017-11-18 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File268 kb11/20/2017
2017-09-30 MMARES IndependencePDF File268 kb10/2/2017
2017-09-22 MMARES StPDF File252 kb9/25/2017
2017-09-16 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb9/18/2017
2017-09-09 MMARES Poplar BluffPDF File251 kb9/11/2017
2017-09-01 MMARES BransonPDF File253 kb9/5/2017
2017-08-25 MMARES StPDF File252 kb8/28/2017
2017-08-25 MMARES StPDF File251 kb8/28/2017
2017-08-12 MMARES JoplinPDF File284 kb8/14/2017
2017-07-29 MMARES St LouisPDF File252 kb8/1/2017
2017-07-29 MMARES IndependencePDF File252 kb8/1/2017
2017-07-15 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb7/17/2017
2017-07-07 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb7/10/2017
2017-06-23 MMARES StPDF File267 kb6/26/2017
2017-06-02 MMARES StPDF File268 kb6/5/2017
2017-05-20 MMARES Kansas City ShamrockPDF File268 kb5/23/2017
2017-05-20 MMARES InvictaPDF File252 kb5/23/2017
2017-05-06 MMARES IndependencePDF File252 kb5/9/2017
2017-04-17 MMARES StPDF File252 kb4/15/2017
2017-04-15 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File254 kb4/17/2017
2017-03-25 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb3/27/2017
2017-03-25 MMARES Cape GirardeauPDF File268 kb3/27/2017
2017-03-24 MMARES StPDF File267 kb3/27/2017
2017-03-11 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb3/13/2017
2017-03-04 MMARES JoplinPDF File251 kb3/6/2017
2017-03-03 MMARES St CharlesPDF File252 kb3/6/2017
2017-02-25 MMARES StPDF File267 kb2/27/2017
2017-02-25 MMARES IndependencePDF File267 kb2/27/2017
2017-01-28 MMARES St Louis (2)PDF File267 kb1/30/2017
2017-01-21 MMARES MACONPDF File267 kb1/23/2017
2017-01-17 MMARES St LouisPDF File267 kb1/30/2017
2017-01-14 MMARES Kansas City Shamrock (2)PDF File252 kb1/17/2017
2017-01-14 MMARES Kansas City InvictaPDF File252 kb1/17/2017
2017-01-07 MMA StPDF File268 kb1/10/2017
2016-12-9 MMARES IndependencePDF File252 kb12/12/2016
2016-12-9 MMARES BransonPDF File269 kb12/12/2016
2016-12-03 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File268 kb12/5/2016
2016-12-02 MMARES StPDF File268 kb12/5/2016
2016-11-18MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb11/21/2016
2016-11-18 MMARES St LouisPDF File252 kb11/21/2016
2016-11-05 MMARES StPDF File267 kb11/7/2016
2016-10-15 MMARES StPDF File267 kb10/17/2016
2016-10-07 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File270 kb10/11/2016
2016-10-01 MMARES IndependencePDF File268 kb10/3/2016
2016-09-30 MMARES StPDF File269 kb10/3/2016
2016-09-24 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File267 kb10/3/2016
2016-09-23 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File253 kb9/26/2016
2016-09-17 MMARES StPDF File252 kb9/21/2016
2016-09-09 MMARES StPDF File252 kb9/12/2016
2016-07-30 MMARES IndependencePDF File267 kb8/1/2016
2016-07-29 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File269 kb8/1/2016
2016-07-23 MMARES StPDF File267 kb7/26/2016
2016-07-08 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb7/11/2016
2016-06-24 MMARES StPDF File254 kb7/5/2016
2016-06-03 MMARES StPDF File269 kb6/14/2016
2016-06-03 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File251 kb7/7/2016
2016-05-28 MMARES Kansas CityPDF File252 kb6/1/2016
2016-05-07 MMARES StPDF File251 kb5/11/2016
2016-04-30 MMARES IndependencePDF File252 kb5/2/2016
2016-04-16 MMARES StPDF File252 kb4/18/2016
2016-03-19 Kansas CityPDF File252 kb3/21/2016
2016-03-16 JoplinPDF File251 kb3/21/2016
2016-03-12 St LouisPDF File252 kb3/14/2016
2016-02-27 IndependencePDF File252 kb2/29/2016
2016-02-27 Cape GirardeauPDF File267 kb2/29/2016
2016-02-20 St LouisPDF File267 kb2/22/2016
2016-01-30 St LouisPDF File58 kb2/1/2016
2016-01-16 Kansas CityPDF File57 kb1/19/2016
2016-01-15 SullivanPDF File58 kb1/19/2016
2015-12-05 St LouisPDF File59 kb12/7/2015
2015-12-05 IndependencePDF File58 kb12/7/2015
2015-11-21 St LouisPDF File60 kb11/23/2015
2015-11-21 Kansas CityPDF File59 kb11/23/2015
2015-11-15 MMAPDF File57 kb11/18/2015
2015-11-06 St LouisPDF File62 kb11/9/2015
2015-10-30 ColumbiaPDF File58 kb11/2/2015
2015-10-23 St LouisPDF File59 kb10/26/2015
2015-10-17 St LouisPDF File57 kb10/21/2015
2015-10-03 Kansas CityPDF File57 kb10/5/2015
2015-09-26 Kansas CityPDF File58 kb9/28/2015
2015-09-12 Kansas CityPDF File61 kb9/14/2015
2015-09-11 St LouisPDF File59 kb9/14/2015
2015-08-29 Kansas CityPDF File57 kb8/31/2015
2015-08-15 St LouisPDF File57 kb8/17/2015
2015-08-15 Kansas CityPDF File58 kb8/17/2015
2015-08-07 St LouisPDF File59 kb8/10/2015
2015-07-25 St LouisPDF File59 kb7/28/2015
2015-07-18 Kansas CityPDF File62 kb7/21/2015
2015-07-11 Kansas CityPDF File57 kb7/14/2015
2015-06-19 St LouisPDF File62 kb6/22/2015