About the Office

The Missouri Office of Athletics was organized as an office under the Department of Economic Development, Division of Professional Registration, in 1983, by the Missouri Legislature. In 2007, by executive order of the Governor, the Office of Athletics was moved to the Division of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. The Director of the Division of Professional Registration has the authority to make rules as are necessary for the administration and enforcement of Chapter 317, RSMo, pursuant 317.006.1(1), RSMo.

Mission: To protect health and safety of participants in professional boxing, sparring, professional wrestling, professional and amateur kick boxing, professional and amateur mixed martial arts and professional full-contact karate contests.

Professions Regulated: Promoters, contestants, matchmakers, referees, judges, timekeepers, seconds, and physicians.

Permits: Permits must be granted by the office for each event allowing the contest to be held under the supervision of the Office of Athletics rules and regulations.

Duties of the Office: License, regulate, investigate consumer complaints and discipline of those subject to board supervision; investigate complaints about those practicing without a license or in violation of statutory and regulatory authority. The office collects permit and license fees and assesses a tax of five percent of the gross receipts on all contests.

Office staff attends every event to monitor and inspect weigh-ins, physicals, safety equipment such as gloves, rings and cages and to ensure the venue meets requirements and the rules of the ring are followed. An inspector attends every professional wrestling match to ensure the event meets state requirements. The office has authority to suspend a contestant's license for up to 180 days as a medical precaution.

About the Office: The office is staffed by an executive director and one clerical staff. Rather than an oversight board or commission, the office is overseen by the Director of the Division of Professional Registration.