Discipline and Other Licensure Actions

Real Estate Appraisers Commission

Disciplinary and Other Licensure Actions taken by the Commission since 2009.

Disciplinary Actions
Disciplinary Revocations

Contact the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission at (573) 751-0038 in order to determine if an appraiser has received any other discipline in the State of Missouri.

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
Alan ButtryPDF File763 kb2/27/2015
Alfred BerryPDF File161 kb9/22/2011
Amanda RobinsonPDF File1497 kb8/11/2009
Amy CainPDF File244 kb3/4/2009
Andrew SauerweinPDF File257 kb6/14/2013
Andrew Tegethoff 082009PDF File91 kb8/14/2009
Barry WilsonPDF File407 kb3/24/2011
Bee LacyPDF File122 kb5/18/2009
Ben HammerPDF File2132 kb12/6/2019
Beverly KalweiPDF File523 kb5/18/2009
Bradley DastrupPDF File599 kb3/9/2009
Bradley EldridgePDF File1030 kb8/11/2011
Bradley KrantzPDF File412 kb6/18/2010
Brandace HayworthPDF File1022 kb5/24/2012
Brian Martin 032011PDF File234 kb4/8/2011
Brian MartinPDF File313 kb11/19/2009
Brian ReedPDF File182 kb6/14/2011
Caleb McKnightPDF File1508 kb7/1/2022
Charles Pursley 082009PDF File127 kb3/24/2010
Cheryl FordPDF File397 kb5/27/2009
Chris YackPDF File438 kb1/12/2010
Christopher BrummettPDF File738 kb4/21/2011
Christopher KlausPDF File482 kb3/29/2011
Christopher MildPDF File789 kb8/10/2012
Claud ClarkPDF File1459 kb3/30/2021
Craig SchmukePDF File989 kb12/14/2022
Curt Maddox 2011 stay orderPDF File71 kb8/24/2011
Curt Maddox 2011PDF File427 kb8/18/2011
Curt Maddox 2012PDF File922 kb5/2/2012
Curt MaddoxPDF File300 kb9/8/2009
Dale JacksonPDF File997 kb6/24/2013
Dale SmithPDF File447 kb3/14/2011
Dan CrowleyPDF File384 kb1/13/2011
Dan Peterson 2017PDF File2674 kb10/24/2017
Dan PetersonPDF File714 kb1/6/2015
Dana Dungan 2014PDF File752 kb1/7/2015
Dana DunganPDF File708 kb11/16/2010
Dana Scott 122008PDF File287 kb3/24/2010
Daniel HullPDF File201 kb3/2/2009
Daniel ReynoldsPDF File670 kb8/2/2012
Darin AdamPDF File339 kb12/14/2009
Darin Adamson 2012PDF File167 kb11/5/2012
Darin AdamsonPDF File439 kb4/27/2010
Darrell McGill 2011PDF File1473 kb11/29/2011
Darrell McGillPDF File2223 kb9/8/2009
David Akin 2014PDF File1332 kb4/2/2014
David AkinPDF File481 kb12/1/2009
David Hand 052010PDF File464 kb5/27/2010
David Hand 06202011PDF File285 kb6/20/2011
David Hand 09122008PDF File55 kb11/26/2010
David Hand 092008PDF File1564 kb11/26/2010
David HartlinePDF File1345 kb9/26/2012
David KeevanPDF File1836 kb4/19/2021
David ParkerPDF File952 kb2/22/2012
Dean VanSchoiackPDF File196 kb3/18/2013
Debra McGowanPDF File199 kb8/9/2012
Dennis KeithleyPDF File506 kb10/26/2010
Diane ParkerPDF File554 kb11/6/2012
Donald DannarPDF File1042 kb5/20/2011
Douglas McGowanPDF File398 kb6/16/2010
Dusty OwensPDF File110 kb8/19/2010
Edward NeptunePDF File549 kb1/3/2013
Eric HicksPDF File326 kb8/11/2011
Eugene Dwiggins 2012PDF File324 kb12/6/2012
Eugene Dwiggins 2015PDF File2062 kb10/31/2017
Eugene Dwiggins 2018PDF File394 kb3/6/2018
Frankie PolittePDF File848 kb8/24/2012
Galen CarterPDF File242 kb4/20/2009
Gary BlankenshipPDF File459 kb3/9/2009
Gary Hanger 102010PDF File624 kb9/29/2010
Gary PhillipsPDF File435 kb10/14/2010
George BewenPDF File335 kb6/21/2011
Get Connexions, IncPDF File1509 kb12/13/2022
Glen AdrianPDF File1378 kb3/4/2009
Glenn DieboldPDF File2105 kb4/22/2022
Gordon CookPDF File476 kb3/11/2010
Gregory AustinPDF File335 kb3/26/2009
Hallie LaurinPDF File922 kb12/27/2012
Holly Witkowski 032011PDF File157 kb4/8/2011
J Robert HunterPDF File277 kb12/28/2010
Jack DelaneyPDF File425 kb2/18/2011
James ArmourPDF File764 kb2/15/2012
James Downey 2013PDF File967 kb9/16/2013
James DowneyPDF File1165 kb5/31/2011
James HandPDF File963 kb6/4/2014
James NicholsonPDF File109 kb5/27/2010
Jamie LuxPDF File451 kb10/12/2017
Jeffrey King 2013PDF File826 kb4/24/2013
Jeffrey King 2015PDF File282 kb12/15/2015
Jeffrey NoyesPDF File619 kb1/14/2011
Jeffrey ShawanPDF File709 kb6/24/2013
Jeremy PlagmanPDF File114 kb2/18/2009
Jerry LockPDF File1082 kb12/6/2012
Jerry SizemorePDF File167 kb3/18/2013
Jerry UnderwoodPDF File2770 kb1/15/2016
Jill HesselgesserPDF File582 kb8/13/2012
Jim BelowPDF File438 kb9/27/2013
Joe NewsomePDF File985 kb3/16/2012
John EctonPDF File510 kb11/17/2009
John GoldenPDF File766 kb6/29/2010
John Howard 2013PDF File1527 kb5/13/2013
John HowardPDF File431 kb11/17/2009
John LePagePDF File481 kb10/4/2022
Jonah BaxPDF File219 kb3/23/2009
Jonathan BrowningPDF File473 kb9/3/2014
Jonathan TesterPDF File627 kb5/29/2013
Joseph McDavidPDF File744 kb6/16/2014
K Kelly WallacePDF File1360 kb9/14/2011
Kandace HayworthPDF File415 kb2/18/2011
Karen WillPDF File592 kb4/27/2010
Karri MeyerringPDF File163 kb6/20/2013
Kathy Allen-GrayPDF File391 kb2/18/2011
Kelly PridgenPDF File448 kb4/24/2014
Ken GrovesPDF File952 kb2/22/2012
Kenneth HerringPDF File159 kb3/30/2009
Kent KrausePDF File729 kb9/11/2009
Kent WootenPDF File560 kb3/2/2010
Kevin WhitePDF File411 kb3/7/2012
Kris Casburn 112011PDF File275 kb11/10/2011
Kris CasburnPDF File400 kb4/30/2010
Kristy MillingtonPDF File1359 kb10/3/2022
Larry Heiner 2019PDF File511 kb11/25/2019
Larry HeinerPDF File990 kb6/27/2017
Lee Price 2014PDF File740 kb6/19/2014
Leigh LewisPDF File991 kb2/27/2023
Lisa HeinkelPDF File436 kb4/9/2009
Margaret HelderlePDF File437 kb2/1/2023
Marilyn HembreePDF File1018 kb4/6/2012
Marjorie Sebelius 2016PDF File1772 kb6/13/2016
Marjorie SebeliusPDF File1072 kb9/12/2013
Mark FowlerPDF File286 kb7/8/2009
Mary Kym CraftPDF File995 kb3/31/2011
Mary McKinnyPDF File755 kb7/27/2012
Matthew BerryPDF File411 kb3/7/2012
Matthew BurghoffPDF File173 kb5/18/2009
Matthew GriffisPDF File435 kb7/20/2009
Megan AthaPDF File749 kb9/30/2014
Michael FitchPDF File213 kb2/23/2009
Michael HarmonPDF File757 kb6/26/2009
Michael IsomPDF File570 kb11/5/2012
Michael Nichols 022010PDF File218 kb3/5/2010
Michael NicholsPDF File486 kb9/21/2009
Michael NormanPDF File902 kb12/31/2014
Michael Terrell 2015PDF File2608 kb4/29/2015
Micheal SeabaughPDF File1200 kb12/13/2022
Michele LoguePDF File159 kb8/11/2011
Mike Bleile 2015PDF File2805 kb8/6/2015
Mike BleilePDF File1751 kb2/15/2013
Milton McDonaldPDF File816 kb8/10/2011
Optimal Appraisal SolutionsPDF File1048 kb8/23/2018
Patricia WesthoffPDF File163 kb9/1/2009
Patrick Rehmer 2013PDF File356 kb6/26/2013
Patrick RehmerPDF File1086 kb2/22/2012
Paul Kumar Stay OrderPDF File27 kb6/17/2009
Paul KumarPDF File1707 kb12/8/2011
Paul LeVotaPDF File508 kb6/30/2009
Peter BarnettPDF File257 kb8/11/2009
Philip Mannino 032011PDF File416 kb4/8/2011
Phillip ManninoPDF File388 kb2/2/2010
Pius OmeifePDF File1482 kb6/24/2013
Randy HeathPDF File299 kb4/21/2009
Randy Watson 2016PDF File649 kb3/8/2016
Randy WatsonPDF File432 kb1/20/2010
Ray DillaboughPDF File550 kb12/28/2009
Reginald MaysPDF File119 kb5/18/2009
Rhonda Allen 112011PDF File479 kb11/21/2011
Rhonda Allen 122013PDF File270 kb12/19/2013
Rhonda AllenPDF File352 kb6/29/2010
Richard CunninghamPDF File401 kb1/13/2011
Rick DrakePDF File453 kb12/28/2010
Robert BladesPDF File453 kb9/12/2014
Robert Dresner 2013PDF File1169 kb7/3/2013
Robert DresnerPDF File886 kb3/15/2012
Robert HillPDF File842 kb10/26/2011
Robert HoelterPDF File278 kb1/6/2010
Robert Newsome 062011PDF File403 kb6/22/2011
Robert Stoltz 2015PDF File944 kb4/29/2015
Robert StoltzPDF File1825 kb12/27/2012
Robert WoodPDF File314 kb8/20/2009
Robyn RichardetPDF File802 kb7/19/2012
Roger BuelterPDF File457 kb11/5/2012
Roger PenningtonPDF File1653 kb3/20/2014
Russell EllisonPDF File439 kb2/25/2010
Ryan LewisPDF File1451 kb10/4/2022
Sam LeVotaPDF File828 kb10/26/2010
Shalene Jacques 2014PDF File1281 kb4/4/2014
Shalene JacquesPDF File896 kb12/11/2012
Shelly MenzPDF File378 kb4/7/2009
Stacy KingPDF File1052 kb8/19/2016
Stephanie DonnellPDF File179 kb5/17/2012
Sterling NewsomePDF File159 kb8/9/2012
Steven Goldman 2012PDF File763 kb6/15/2012
Steven GoldmanPDF File234 kb11/16/2009
Steven PoppPDF File360 kb9/29/2010
Stuart Phelps 052010PDF File269 kb5/27/2010
Stuart Phelps 062010 stay orderPDF File95 kb7/1/2010
Stuart Phelps 112010PDF File548 kb11/16/2010
Stuart PhelpsPDF File1003 kb4/21/2009
Susan PeckPDF File982 kb3/22/2013
Tamra Cape 2013PDF File746 kb10/23/2013
Tamra Cape 2016PDF File572 kb2/16/2016
Tamra Cape 2018PDF File2299 kb11/27/2018
Tamra Cape 2021PDF File654 kb11/16/2021
Tellee Warren 2011PDF File556 kb9/20/2013
Tellee Warren 2015PDF File914 kb7/28/2015
Tellee WarrenPDF File367 kb3/9/2010
Thomas Bone 2013PDF File721 kb3/21/2013
Thomas BonePDF File397 kb2/7/2011
Thomas NoonanPDF File370 kb3/30/2009
Tim ReavisPDF File537 kb2/16/2018
Timothy ToalPDF File345 kb3/18/2009
Tina RadickPDF File314 kb4/17/2017
Travis LallyPDF File155 kb6/14/2011
Travis StrayerPDF File1423 kb11/10/2009
Tysen WilliamsPDF File606 kb11/10/2009
Vincent CantrellPDF File108 kb2/18/2010
Virgil Hulen 2012PDF File1169 kb3/7/2012
Virgil HulenPDF File525 kb9/15/2009
Wade HigginsPDF File492 kb6/29/2009
William CaldwellPDF File1209 kb3/31/2015
William HeydenPDF File399 kb7/1/2011
William MieswinkelPDF File960 kb12/11/2012
William PlahnPDF File99 kb8/14/2009
William SaxtonPDF File153 kb5/17/2012
Yvonne WheelerPDF File724 kb3/1/2013