Chapter 327 - Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Professional Landscape Architects


Other Pertinent Statutory Provisions

Chapter 60 - Missouri Department of Agriculture's Missouri Standards for Property Boundary Surveys

Chapter 324 - Occupations and Professions General Provisions

  • 324.001. Division of professional registration established, duties--boards and commissions assigned to--reference to division in statutes.
  • 324.009. Licensure reciprocity definitions requirements inapplicability, when.
  • 324.015. Fees, waiver of, when - definitions - procedure - rulemaking authority. (Low Incomce Individuals and Military Families)
  • 324.022. Rulemaking authority.
  • 324.024. Applications to contain Social Security numbers, exceptions.
  • 324.031. Collection and deposit of fees, requirements.
  • 324.032. Registry of licenses, permits, and certificates issued, contents--copying of registry information.
  • 324.038. Issuance of license subject to probation permitted, when, procedure.
  • 324.043. Statute of limitations for disciplinary proceedings--notice requirements--tolling, when.

Chapter 41 - Military Forces

  • 41.946. Licensure or certification by state, continuing education--exemption from requirements for active military service.
  • 41.950. Members of military forces called to active duty--relieved from certain provisions of law.

Chapter 8 - State Buildings and Lands

  • 8.285. Policy on contracts for architectural, engineering, land surveying services.
  • 8.287. Definitions.
  • 8.289. Agencies using services to be furnished statement of firm's qualifications and performance data.
  • 8.291. Negotiation for contract--not applicable for certain political subdivisions.