Board Meetings

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2020-11-09 PLS Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File90 kb11/2/2020
2020-11-09 PLA Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File90 kb11/2/2020
2020-11-09 PE Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File90 kb11/2/2020
2020-11-09 AR Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File90 kb11/2/2020
2020-11-09 & 10 Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File121 kb11/3/2020
2020-10-27 Pre-Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File368 kb11/24/2020
2020-10-27 Pre-Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File88 kb10/22/2020
2020-07-27-28 Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File932 kb11/24/2020
2020-07-27 PLS Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File85 kb7/17/2020
2020-07-27 PLA Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File86 kb7/17/2020
2020-07-27 PE Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File91 kb7/17/2020
2020-07-27 AR Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File90 kb7/17/2020
2020-07-27 & 28 Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File143 kb7/17/2020
2020-07-13 Pre-Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File769 kb9/30/2020
2020-07-13 Pre-Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File93 kb7/10/2020
2020-05-20 AR Division Conference Call (Open Minutes)PDF File69 kb9/30/2020
2020-05-20 AR Division Conference Call (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File80 kb5/12/2020
2020-05-19 PE Division Conference Call (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File79 kb5/12/2020
2020-05-04 Board Meeting via Teleconference (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File101 kb4/27/2020
2020-05-04 Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File847 kb7/30/2020
2020-04-22 Pre-Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File259 kb5/27/2020
2020-04-22 Pre-Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File70 kb4/16/2020
2020-01-27 PLS Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File256 kb5/20/2020
2020-01-27 PLS Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File87 kb1/16/2020
2020-01-27 PLA Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File223 kb5/20/2020
2020-01-27 PLA Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File87 kb1/16/2020
2020-01-27 PE Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File413 kb5/20/2020
2020-01-27 PE Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File87 kb1/16/2020
2020-01-27 AR Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File170 kb5/20/2020
2020-01-27 AR Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File86 kb1/16/2020
2020-01-27 & 28 Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File1402 kb5/20/2020
2020-01-27 & 28 Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File96 kb1/24/2020
2020-01-21 Pre-Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File255 kb5/27/2020
2020-01-21 Pre-Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File86 kb1/14/2020
2019-10-28 PLS Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File288 kb5/21/2020
2019-10-28 PLS Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File78 kb10/18/2019
2019-10-28 PLA Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File378 kb5/21/2020
2019-10-28 PLA Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File78 kb10/18/2019
2019-10-28 PE Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File162 kb5/21/2020
2019-10-28 PE Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File78 kb10/18/2019
2019-10-28 AR Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File142 kb5/21/2020
2019-10-28 AR Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File77 kb10/18/2019
2019-10-28 & 29 Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File1814 kb5/21/2020
2019-10-28 & 29 Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File120 kb10/18/2019
2019-10-23 Pre-Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File318 kb5/27/2020
2019-10-23 Pre-Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File78 kb10/18/2019
2019-09-17 Mail BallotPDF File7 kb9/17/2019
2019-09-12 Conf Call PLAPDF File109 kb8/30/2019
2019-09-10 Conf Call Electronic Outreach CommitteePDF File77 kb8/30/2019
2019-07-29-30 Board Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File3274 kb6/4/2020
2019-07-29-30 Board Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File93 kb7/25/2019
2019-07-29 PLS Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File762 kb6/4/2020
2019-07-29 PLS Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File65 kb7/25/2019
2019-07-29 PLA Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File523 kb6/4/2020
2019-07-29 PLA Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File65 kb7/25/2019
2019-07-29 PE Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File313 kb6/4/2020
2019-07-29 PE Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File65 kb7/25/2019
2019-07-29 AR Division Meeting (Open Minutes)PDF File169 kb6/4/2020
2019-07-29 AR Division Meeting (Notice & Open Agenda)PDF File65 kb7/25/2019
2019-07-16-Chairs and Public MemberPDF File82 kb7/11/2019
2019-04-25-PLSPDF File45 kb4/23/2019
2019-04-25-PLAPDF File17 kb4/12/2019
2019-04-25-PEPDF File16 kb4/12/2019
2019-04-25-ARPDF File16 kb4/12/2019
2019-04-25-26-BoardPDF File54 kb4/12/2019
2019-04-16 Chairs and Public MemberPDF File16 kb4/12/2019
2019-03-26 CommitteePDF File36 kb3/19/2019
2019-03-14-CommitteePDF File69 kb3/8/2019
2019-03-11 Mail BallotPDF File10 kb3/11/2019
2019-01-28-PLSPDF File44 kb1/11/2019
2019-01-28-PLS minutesPDF File87 kb6/6/2019
2019-01-28-PLAPDF File44 kb1/11/2019
2019-01-28-PLA minutesPDF File73 kb6/6/2019
2019-01-28-PEPDF File44 kb1/11/2019
2019-01-28-PE MinutesPDF File77 kb6/6/2019
2019-01-28-ARPDF File44 kb1/11/2019
2019-01-28-AR MinutesPDF File85 kb6/6/2019
2019-01-28-29-BOARDPDF File65 kb1/25/2019
2019-01-28-29-BOARD MinutesPDF File152 kb7/17/2019
2019-01-08-PLAPDF File44 kb1/7/2019
2019-01-08-PLA MinutesPDF File80 kb6/6/2019
2018-11-08-PLSPDF File45 kb10/24/2018
2018-11-08-PLS MinutesPDF File88 kb5/29/2019
2018-11-08-PLAPDF File44 kb10/24/2018
2018-11-08-PLA MinutesPDF File74 kb6/6/2019
2018-11-08-PEPDF File44 kb10/24/2018
2018-11-08-PE MinutesPDF File73 kb6/6/2019
2018-11-08-ARPDF File44 kb10/24/2018
2018-11-08-AR MinutesPDF File75 kb6/6/2019
2018-11-08-09-BOARDPDF File63 kb10/24/2018
2018-11-08-09-BOARD MinutesPDF File153 kb5/29/2019
2018-10-30-CommitteePDF File45 kb10/24/2018
2018-10-30-Committee MinutesPDF File53 kb5/29/2019
2018-10-16-CommitteePDF File44 kb10/10/2018
2018-10-16-Committee MinutesPDF File47 kb5/29/2019
2018-09-19-PLAPDF File44 kb9/13/2018
2018-09-19-PLA MinutesPDF File66 kb5/29/2019
2018-09-18-CommitteePDF File44 kb9/11/2018
2018-09-18-Committee MinutesPDF File44 kb5/29/2019
2018-09-04-CommitteePDF File44 kb8/29/2018
2018-07-30-PLSPDF File9 kb7/17/2018
2018-07-30-PLS MinutesPDF File91 kb5/29/2019
2018-07-30-PLAPDF File9 kb7/17/2018
2018-07-30-PLA MinutesPDF File71 kb5/29/2019
2018-07-30-PEPDF File9 kb7/17/2018
2018-07-30-PE MinutesPDF File58 kb5/29/2019
2018-07-30-BoardPDF File9 kb7/25/2018
2018-07-30-Board MinutesPDF File122 kb5/29/2019
2018-07-30-ARPDF File9 kb7/17/2018
2018-07-30-AR MinutesPDF File72 kb5/29/2019
2018-07-30-31-BoardPDF File21 kb7/25/2018
2018-07-30-31-Board MinutesPDF File122 kb5/29/2019
2018-07-24-Chairs & Public MemberPDF File10 kb7/18/2018
2018-07-24-Chairs & Public Member MinutesPDF File61 kb5/29/2019
2018-05-14-Safety CommitteePDF File8 kb5/11/2018
2018-05-14-Safety Committee MinutesPDF File64 kb5/29/2019
2018-05-14-PLS Mail BallotPDF File7 kb5/11/2018
2018-04-23-PLSPDF File9 kb4/12/2018
2018-04-23-PLS MinutesPDF File83 kb5/29/2019
2018-04-23-PLAPDF File9 kb4/12/2018
2018-04-23-PLA MinutesPDF File73 kb5/29/2019
2018-04-23-PEPDF File9 kb4/12/2018
2018-04-23-PE MinutesPDF File56 kb5/29/2019
2018-04-23-ARPDF File9 kb4/12/2018
2018-04-23-AR MinutesPDF File75 kb5/29/2019
2018-04-23-24-BoardPDF File29 kb4/18/2018
2018-04-23-24-Board MinutesPDF File151 kb5/29/2019
2018-04-17-Chairs & Public MemberPDF File9 kb4/12/2018
2018-04-17-Chairs & Public Member minutesPDF File56 kb5/29/2019
2018-02-22-Chairs & Public MemberPDF File8 kb2/21/2018
2018-02-22-Chairs & Public Member MinutesPDF File51 kb5/29/2019
2018-02-02-Mail BallotPDF File7 kb2/1/2018
2018-01-29-PLSPDF File9 kb1/19/2018
2018-01-29-PLS MinutesPDF File99 kb5/28/2019
2018-01-29-PLAPDF File9 kb1/19/2018
2018-01-29-PEPDF File9 kb1/23/2018
2018-01-29-PE MinutesPDF File70 kb5/28/2019
2018-01-29-ARPDF File14 kb1/24/2018
2018-01-29-30-BoardPDF File25 kb1/19/2018
2018-01-24-CommitteePDF File8 kb1/19/2018
2018-01-24-Committee MinutesPDF File46 kb5/28/2019
2018-01-16-Chairs & Public MemberPDF File9 kb1/10/2018
2018-01-16-Chairs & Public Member MinutesPDF File58 kb5/28/2019
2017-12-21-ChairsPDF File8 kb12/19/2017
2017-12-21-Chairs MinutesPDF File47 kb5/28/2019
2017-11-02-PLSPDF File9 kb10/19/2017
2017-11-02-PLS MinutesPDF File94 kb5/28/2019
2017-11-02-PLAPDF File9 kb10/19/2017
2017-11-02-PLA MinutesPDF File66 kb5/28/2019
2017-11-02-PEPDF File9 kb10/19/2017
2017-11-02-PE MinutesPDF File58 kb5/28/2019
2017-11-02-ARPDF File9 kb10/19/2017
2017-11-02-AR MinutesPDF File76 kb5/28/2019
2017-11-02-03-BOARDPDF File23 kb10/24/2017
2017-11-02-03-BOARD MinutesPDF File104 kb5/28/2019
2017-10-24-Chairs & Public MemberPDF File9 kb10/20/2017
2017-10-24-Chairs & Public Member MinutesPDF File63 kb5/28/2019
2017-07-31-PLSPDF File9 kb7/17/2017
2017-07-31-PLS MinutesPDF File92 kb5/28/2019
2017-07-31-PLAPDF File10 kb7/17/2017
2017-07-31-PLA MinutesPDF File70 kb5/28/2019
2017-07-31-PEPDF File14 kb7/25/2017
2017-07-31-PE MinutesPDF File66 kb5/28/2019
2017-07-31-BoardPDF File25 kb7/25/2017
2017-07-31-Board MinutesPDF File118 kb5/28/2019
2017-07-31-ARPDF File9 kb7/17/2017
2017-07-31-AR MinutesPDF File73 kb5/28/2019
2017-07-30-PLSPDF File9 kb7/17/2018
2017-07-18-ChairsPDF File9 kb7/13/2017
2017-07-18-Chairs MinutesPDF File55 kb5/28/2019
2017-06-05-PLAPDF File9 kb6/2/2017
2017-06-05-PLA MinutesPDF File67 kb5/28/2019
2017-05-23-PLSPDF File8 kb5/17/2017
2017-05-23-PLS MinutesPDF File59 kb5/28/2019
2017-04-24-PLSPDF File10 kb4/12/2017
2017-04-24-PLS MinutesPDF File89 kb5/28/2019
2017-04-24-PLAPDF File9 kb4/12/2017
2017-04-24-PLA MinutesPDF File65 kb5/28/2019
2017-04-24-PEPDF File9 kb4/12/2017
2017-04-24-PE MinutesPDF File56 kb5/28/2019
2017-04-24-ARPDF File9 kb4/12/2017
2017-04-24-AR MinutesPDF File82 kb5/28/2019
2017-04-24-25-BoardPDF File25 kb4/19/2017
2017-04-24-25-Board MinutesPDF File132 kb5/28/2019
2017-04-06-ChairsPDF File9 kb4/5/2017
2017-04-06-Chairs minutesPDF File22 kb6/1/2017
2017-02-08-mail ballot votePDF File7 kb2/7/2017
2017-01-23-PLSPDF File9 kb1/10/2017
2017-01-23-PLS minutesPDF File28 kb6/1/2017
2017-01-23-PLAPDF File9 kb1/10/2017
2017-01-23-PLA minutesPDF File11 kb6/1/2017
2017-01-23-24-BOARDPDF File20 kb1/10/2017
2017-01-23-24-BOARD minutesPDF File56 kb6/1/2017
2017-01-22-23-PEPDF File10 kb1/10/2017
2017-01-22-23-PE minutesPDF File17 kb6/1/2017
2017-01-22-23-ARPDF File10 kb1/10/2017
2017-01-22-23-AR minutesPDF File36 kb6/1/2017
2017-01-04-ChairsPDF File9 kb12/20/2016
2017-01-04-Chairs minutesPDF File15 kb3/8/2017
2016-12-28-mail ballotPDF File7 kb12/27/2016
2016-12-12-CommitteePDF File8 kb12/6/2016
2016-12-12-Committee minutesPDF File10 kb3/8/2017
2016-11-14-PLSPDF File9 kb10/27/2016
2016-11-14-PLS minutesPDF File33 kb3/8/2017
2016-11-14-PLAPDF File9 kb10/27/2016
2016-11-14-PLA minutesPDF File12 kb3/8/2017
2016-11-14-PEPDF File9 kb10/27/2016
2016-11-14-PE minutesPDF File15 kb3/8/2017
2016-11-14-ARPDF File9 kb10/27/2016
2016-11-14-AR minutesPDF File26 kb3/8/2017
2016-11-14 & 15-BoardPDF File20 kb11/8/2016
2016-11-14 & 15-Board minutesPDF File50 kb3/8/2017
2016-11-01-CommitteePDF File9 kb10/27/2016
2016-11-01-Committee minutesPDF File12 kb3/8/2017
2016-08-08-PLSPDF File9 kb7/21/2016
2016-08-08-PLS minutesPDF File35 kb3/8/2017
2016-08-08-PLAPDF File9 kb8/2/2016
2016-08-08-PLA minutesPDF File12 kb3/8/2017
2016-08-08-PEPDF File9 kb7/21/2016
2016-08-08-PE minutesPDF File14 kb3/8/2017
2016-08-08-ARPDF File9 kb8/2/2016
2016-08-08-AR minutesPDF File31 kb3/8/2017
2016-08-08 & 09-BoardPDF File23 kb7/21/2016
2016-08-08 & 09-Board minutesPDF File81 kb3/8/2017
2016-07-26-CommitteePDF File8 kb7/21/2016
2016-07-26-Committee minutesPDF File13 kb3/8/2017
2016-07-14-Committee minutesPDF File9 kb3/8/2017
2016-07-14--CommitteePDF File8 kb7/8/2016
2016-07-06-PLA Mail BallotPDF File7 kb7/5/2016
2016-06-03-CommitteePDF File8 kb6/3/2016
2016-06-03-Committee minutesPDF File10 kb3/8/2017
2016-05-26-PLSPDF File8 kb5/25/2016
2016-05-26-PLS minutesPDF File9 kb3/8/2017
2016-04-25-PLSPDF File9 kb4/19/2016
2016-04-25-PLS minutesPDF File30 kb3/8/2017
2016-04-25-PLAPDF File9 kb4/13/2016
2016-04-25-PLA minutesPDF File14 kb3/8/2017
2016-04-25-PEPDF File9 kb4/13/2016
2016-04-25-PE minutesPDF File14 kb3/8/2017
2016-04-25-ARPDF File9 kb4/13/2016
2016-04-25-AR minutesPDF File26 kb3/8/2017
2016-04-25 & 26-BoardPDF File25 kb4/13/2016
2016-04-25 & 26-Board minutesPDF File73 kb3/8/2017
2016-04-11-CommitteePDF File8 kb4/6/2016
2016-04-11-Committee-Chairs minutesPDF File11 kb3/8/2017
2016-03-17-CommitteePDF File8 kb3/8/2016
2016-03-17-Committee minutesPDF File13 kb3/8/2017
2016-03-02-BoardPDF File8 kb3/14/2016
2016-03-02-Board minutesPDF File9 kb3/8/2017
2016-02-29-PLAPDF File9 kb2/24/2016
2016-02-29-PLA minutesPDF File9 kb3/8/2017
2016-01-25-PLSPDF File9 kb1/12/2016
2016-01-25-PLS minutespdfPDF File25 kb3/7/2017
2016-01-25-PLAPDF File9 kb1/12/2016
2016-01-25-PLA minutesPDF File167 kb3/7/2017
2016-01-25-PEPDF File9 kb1/12/2016
2016-01-25-PE minutesPDF File15 kb3/7/2017
2016-01-25-ARPDF File9 kb1/12/2016
2016-01-25-AR minutesPDF File26 kb3/7/2017
2016-01-25 & 26-BoardPDF File23 kb1/19/2016
2016-01-25 & 26-Board minutesPDF File63 kb3/7/2017
2016-01-21-CommitteePDF File8 kb1/8/2016
2016-01-21-Committee minutesPDF File13 kb3/7/2017
2016-01-11-CommitteePDF File8 kb1/8/2016
2016-01-11-Committee of the Chairs minutesPDF File10 kb3/7/2017
2015-12-10-PLSPDF File8 kb12/3/2015
2015-12-10-PLS minutesPDF File9 kb3/7/2017
2015-11-09-PLSPDF File9 kb10/26/2015
2015-11-09-PLS minutesPDF File31 kb3/7/2017
2015-11-09-PLAPDF File9 kb10/26/2015
2015-11-09-PLA minutesPDF File10 kb3/7/2017
2015-11-09-PEPDF File9 kb10/26/2015
2015-11-09-PE minutesPDF File17 kb3/7/2017
2015-11-09-ARPDF File9 kb10/26/2015
2015-11-09-AR minutesPDF File45 kb3/7/2017
2015-11-09 & 10-BoardPDF File19 kb10/30/2015
2015-11-09 & 10-Board minutesPDF File59 kb3/7/2017
2015-10-27-CommitteePDF File8 kb10/26/2015
2015-10-27-Committee minutesPDF File14 kb3/7/2017
2015-08-27-PEPDF File8 kb8/24/2015
2015-08-27-PE minutesPDF File9 kb3/7/2017
2015-08-03-PLSPDF File15 kb7/29/2015
2015-08-03-PLS minutesPDF File29 kb3/7/2017
2015-08-03-PLAPDF File9 kb7/20/2015
2015-08-03-PLA minutesPDF File19 kb3/7/2017
2015-08-03-PEPDF File9 kb7/20/2015
2015-08-03-PE minutesPDF File18 kb3/7/2017
2015-08-03-BOARDPDF File20 kb7/30/2015
2015-08-03-Board MinutesPDF File69 kb3/7/2017
2015-08-03-ARPDF File9 kb7/20/2015
2015-08-03-AR minutesPDF File19 kb3/7/2017
2015-07-13-CommitteePDF File9 kb7/7/2015
2015-07-13-Committee of the Chairs minutesPDF File19 kb3/7/2017
2015-06-17-PEPDF File9 kb6/11/2015
2015-06-17-PE minutesPDF File13 kb3/7/2017
2015-04-20-PLSPDF File10 kb4/10/2015
2015-04-20-PLS minutesPDF File29 kb3/7/2017
2015-04-20-PLAPDF File14 kb4/17/2015
2015-04-20-PLA minutesPDF File12 kb3/7/2017