Reciprocity Fee $165.00
Wall Hanging Fee (duplicate) $25.00
CPA License Fee (initial) $90.00
CPA License Fee (biennial renewal) $80.00
CPA Inactive License Fee (initial) $50.00
CPA Inactive License Fee (biennial renewal) $50.00
CPA Reinstatement of License Fee $200.00
Firm Permit Fee (initial) $90.00
Firm Permit Fee (annual renewal) $90.00
Reinstatement of CPA Firm Permit Fee $200.00
Replacement Fee (license or permit) $10.00
Delinquent fee for failure to obtain a permit or license, or timely renew a permit or license (per month or portion of a month)— 1. Firms $ 50.00 2. Certified public accountants $ 50.00 (M) Bad Check Fee $ 25.00

Notice: All fees are nonrefundable and cannot be applied to another application.