Application Forms

375-0127 Reinstatement Application
375-0129 Initial Application
375-0715 Initial Firm Permit
375-0832 Inactive Status
375-1149 Firm Reinstatement Application
375-0725 Application for Initial License As A Certified Public Accountant (Transfer of Grades)


In 2020, Missouri changed the reciprocity eligibility as found in 324.009 RSMo. This change allows applicants to apply for reciprocity in Missouri if they have a valid current license in another jurisdiction and have at least one year of licensure in such other jurisdiction. If you are eligible for a license under this statute, please complete the Reciprocity via Licensure application. If you are seeking reciprocity and believe you do not meet the licensure requirement, please contact the Missouri State Board of Accountancy at for further assistance.

Reciprocity via Licensure

Application Addendums

Authorization For Interstate Exchange Of Examination And Licensure Information