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What is required for licensure as a practitioner?
Practitioner Application

What if I answer yes to any of the questions on the application?
Yes answers must be explained in sworn affidavit (provide a statement in writing and have it notarized).

The licensed practitioner can only work in a licensed establishment.

What is required for licensure as an establishment?
The owner of the establishment would submit the establishment application along with the appropriate fee. The requirements to operate a tattoo, body piercing and branding establishment are outlined in 4 CSR 267-3.010.

How long does it take to get inspected?
Once the completed establishment application is received the office will forward the application to the inspection supervisor who will then forward the application to the specific inspector. It may take up to two weeks before an inspector contacts you to set up an inspection time.

Once the establishment has been inspected the inspector will forward the inspection report to the office who will then proceed with processing of the application. Please be advised that if the establishment does not pass inspection this will delay the process.

Do I need to comply with county or city?
Yes. If the county your establishment is located in has their own ordinances you are required to comply with their requirements as well as the States.

Do I have to be licensed?
Yes, according to Section 324.520 no practitioner or establishment shall operate without licensure.

Where can I obtain the forms along with the rules and regulations?
The forms may be obtained on the website at or by contacting the office directly.

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