Missouri Approved Continuing Education Courses - SCHOOL DETAIL


McKissock, LLC
12977 North Forty, Suite 108
St Louis , MO, 63141
Website: www.mckissock.com
email: McKStateAdmin@mckissock.com

Courses Offered by School

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
Affordable Housing Opportunities for Low-Moderate Income Buyers E 3 Internet
Americans with Disabilities Act ADA E 3 Internet
Commercial Brokerage Specializations C 3 Internet
Commercial Property Analysis C 3 Internet
Crowd Funding in Real Estate E 3 Internet
Getting Down to the Facts About Fair Housing C 3 Internet
Know the Code: Your Guide to the Code of Ethics E 3 Internet
Lead Alert - A Guide for Property Managers C 3 Internet
Navigating a Hot Sellers' Market E 3 Internet
Property Management - The Next Generation E 3 Internet
Real Estate Investing: Beyond the Basics E 3 Internet
Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients E 3 Internet
Representation Options in the State of Missouri C 3 Internet
Residential Finance E 3 Internet
Risky Business - Risk Management Techniques E 3 Internet
The Ins and Outs of Property Management C 3 Internet
The New FHA Handbook for Real Estate Professionals E 3 Internet
The Property Management Primer C 3 Internet
TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule E 3 Internet
Uncovering the Facts About Mortgage Financing E 3 Internet
Using Retirement Assets to Purchase Real Estate E 3 Internet
Working with Seniors E 3 Internet