Missouri Approved Continuing Education Courses - SCHOOL DETAIL


St. Louis Association of Realtors
12777 Olive Blvd
St. Louis , MO, 63141
Website: www.stlrealtors.com
email: kdunn@stlrealtors.com

Courses Offered by School

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
Accredited Buyers Representative Designation Course E 9 Classroom
Agency and the St. Louis Contract - Know Your Role C 3 Classroom
Avoiding Business Risks E 3 Internet
Basements: Cracks, Moisture and Environmental Hazards E 3 Classroom
Basic Electricity and Plumbing for Real Estate Professionals E 3 Classroom
Behave Yourself: The Code of Ethics E 3 Classroom
Beyond Fair Housing C 3 Classroom
Bootcamp Real Estate: Agency, Contracts, Listings and More E 6 Classroom
Clearing the Agency Confusion C 3 Classroom
Code of Ethics in the Commercial Spotlight E 3 Classroom
Commercial Law and Disorder C 3 Classroom
Commercial Property Tax Appeals - The Basics E 3 Internet
Commercial Real Estate Law and Disorder E 3 Classroom
Common Defects in Existing Construction for Real Estate Professionals E 3 Classroom
Complex Situations in Property Transfer C 3 Classroom
Contract Addendums, Riders, and Notices E 3 Classroom
Contract to Close - What to Expect E 3 Classroom
Credit Scores, Repair and Reporting - What Matters? E 3 Classroom
Customer Driven Service E 3 Classroom
Delivering Beneficial Buyer Services E 3 Classroom
Discovering Commercial Real Estate E 3 Classroom
Drug Labs, Grow Houses, and Fireplaces for Real Estate Professionals E 3 Classroom
Environmental Issues for Residential Real Estate E 3 Classroom
Ethical Dilemmas E 3 Classroom
Fair Housing C 3 Classroom
Fair Housing for the Residential Real Estate Professional C 3 Classroom
Foreclosure and Short Sales 101 E 3 Classroom
Fundamental Disciplines to Manage and Reduce Risk C 3 Classroom
Green and Construction Financing Basics E 3 Classroom
Home Inspections - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly E 3 Classroom
How Green is Your Real Estate Business E 3 Classroom
Introduction to Commercial Real Estate E 3 Classroom
Listing Contract E 3 Classroom
Managing Risks E 3 Classroom
MHDC 1st Time Home Buyer Programs - What Every REALTOR Should Know E 3 Classroom
Military Relocation Professional E 6 Classroom
MO Laws Governing the Transfer of Real Property, Laws, Legal Issues and More C 3 Classroom
Mold Inspections and Remediation E 3 Classroom
MRP (Military Relocation Professional) E 6 Classroom
Navigating VA Loans in Missouri E 3 Classroom
Pitfalls of Developing Commercial Real Estate E 3 Classroom
Property Assessment & Appeal Process E 3 Classroom
Radon for REALTORS E 3 Classroom
Real Estate Code of Ethics - What it Means to You E 3 Classroom
Real Estate for the Generations E 3 Classroom
Real Estate News and Reviews MoJo Style E 3 Classroom
Real Estate User Decision Analysis - Lease vs. Own E 3 Classroom
Reflections and Teachable Moments from a Home Inspector/Engineer Viewpoint E 3 Classroom
Reform Happened! A Review of the Contract and Forms Changes E 3 Classroom
Reform Happens! The New Loan Disclosures and More E 3 Classroom
Relocation is a Team Sport E 3 Classroom
Representation Options in the State of Missouri C 3 Classroom
Retail Leasing and Sales E 3 Classroom
Rights, Duties & Responsibilities: A Short Course on Agency-License Law & Fair Housing C 3 Classroom
Risk Management in Commercial Real Estate C 3 Classroom
Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) E 9 Classroom
SFR Designation Course: Short Sales and Foreclosures E 6 Classroom
Smart Growth in the 21st Century E 3 Classroom
SRES "Seniors Real Estate Specialist" Designation E 9 Classroom
St. Louis Contract Addendums & Riders - Doing It Right E 3 Classroom
St. Louis Residential Sale Contract E 3 Classroom
Staging Sells! E 3 Classroom
Stellar Seller Services E 3 Classroom
Successfully Selling HUD Homes E 3 Classroom
Tax Issues for Real Estate Investors E 3 Classroom
The Basics of Real Estate IRAs E 3 Classroom
The Case of the Code of Ethics E 3 Classroom
The Dodd-Frank Act and its Impact on Homeownership E 3 Classroom
The MREC and You: 20 Easy Ways to Lose Your License C 3 Classroom
The Top Ten and Other Lists E 3 Classroom
Under the Microscope...5 Key Issues that are Front and Center in Residential Real Estate NOW!!! E 3 Classroom
Understanding Commercial Real Estate Inspections E 3 Classroom
Understanding Commercial Real Estate Investing E 3 Classroom
Understanding On-Site Sewage Systems E 3 Classroom
When Good Agents Go Bad C 3 Classroom