Professional Engineers

Application for Re-Licensure


This application is to be completed only if you previously held an active license to practice engineering, which is currently in an "expired" status.

Before completing the re-licensure application call the Board office, (573)751-0047, to verify the status of your license and to obtain your original application filing date (the filing date is not the date your original license was issued.)

Your professional engineering experience must be updated from the date you filed your original application for licensure. Call the Board office to obtain your original file date.

Verification of your engineering experience is ONLY necessary if your license has been expired for a period of five years or longer.

A separate experience log must be used for each engagement (place of employment) or client. If additional sheets are necessary please have the appropriate supervising licensed engineers, supervisors or clients sign and date the attached sheets (if your license has been expired for a period of five years or longer.)

Fax and photocopies of experience record forms are not acceptable.

In addition to the required Summary Log of Professional Development Hours, attach copies of documents supporting completion of 30 professional development hours (PDHs) within the most recent two years. Please refer to Continuing Education for Professional Engineers on the Board's website for information regarding professional development hours.

The application must be typewritten and all requested information must be provided.

The $200 re-licensure fee is non-refundable.

Upon receipt of a complete application it typically takes 90 - 120 days for review.

Application for Re-Licensure 375-0342