Board of Podiatric Medicine

Meeting Information - Board Meetings

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2014-10-16 Meeting Notice and Open AgendaPDF File9 kb10/9/2014
2014-08-21 Open AgendaPDF File12 kb8/15/2014
2014-05-15 POD Open AgendaPDF File8 kb5/9/2014
2013-10-17 POD Meeting Notice and Open AgendaPDF File8 kb10/11/2013
2013-07-25 POD Open AgendaPDF File8 kb7/17/2013
2013-07-25 POD Amended Open AgendaPDF File8 kb7/17/2013
2013-04-25 Open AgendaPDF File8 kb4/15/2013
2013-02-21 Open AgendaPDF File8 kb2/19/2013
2012-08-15 Open AgendaPDF File6 kb8/10/2012
2012-07-19 Open AgendaPDF File6 kb9/28/2012
2012-07-19 Notice Meeting Date ScheduledPDF File6 kb6/12/2012
2012-04-26 AMENDED Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File7 kb4/19/2012
2012-04-26 Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File10 kb4/19/2012
2011-10-20 Open AgendaPDF File6 kb10/19/2011
2011-07-14 Open AgendaPDF File9 kb7/13/2011
2011-04-14 Open MinutesPDF File240 kb8/18/2011
2011-04-14 Open AgendaPDF File19 kb4/14/2011
2011-04-14 Meeting Date ScheduledPDF File6 kb3/17/2011
2011-01-10 Open MinutesPDF File319 kb8/18/2011
2011-01-10 Meeting NoticePDF File14 kb12/23/2010
2010-07-29PDF File9 kb7/14/2010
2010-07-29 OpenAgendaMaterialsPDF File149 kb7/14/2010
2010-07-29 Open MinutesPDF File286 kb12/22/2011
2010-06-14PDF File11 kb6/2/2010
2010-02-22PDF File12 kb1/14/2010
2010-02-22 OpenAgendaMaterialsPDF File257 kb1/15/2010
2010-02-22 Open MinutesPDF File309 kb12/22/2011
2010-01-22PDF File11 kb1/14/2010
2010-01-11PDF File12 kb12/29/2009
2010-01-11 OpenAgendaMaterialsPDF File223 kb12/29/2009
2010-01-11 Open MinutesPDF File301 kb12/22/2011
2009-3-23 Open MinutesPDF File661 kb4/26/2011
2009-10-17PDF File10 kb9/21/2009
2009-10-17 Open MinutesPDF File286 kb12/22/2011
2009-07-30PDF File22 kb7/28/2009
2009-07-30 OpenAgendaMaterialsPDF File841 kb7/28/2009
2009-07-30 Open MinutesPDF File559 kb12/22/2011
2008-11-18 Open MinutesPDF File495 kb4/26/2011
2008-10-16 Open MinutesPDF File401 kb4/26/2011
2008-06-20 Open MinutesPDF File137 kb4/26/2011
2008-05-29 Open MinutesPDF File324 kb4/26/2011
2008-01-31 Open MinutesPDF File430 kb4/26/2011
2007-08-08PDF File36 kb6/12/2009
2007-04-21PDF File29 kb5/29/2009
2007-02-28PDF File75 kb5/29/2009
2006-10-07PDF File57 kb5/29/2009
2006-07-25PDF File34 kb4/26/2007
2006-02-22PDF File34 kb4/26/2007
2005-08-09PDF File30 kb5/4/2006
2005-03-30PDF File13 kb11/30/2005
2004-12-22PDF File106 kb11/30/2005
2004-08-30PDF File26 kb10/7/2004
2004-08-30 (cancelled)PDF File26 kb8/30/2004
2004-08-11PDF File20 kb10/7/2004
2004-05-13PDF File30 kb10/7/2004
2004-03-31PDF File14 kb9/2/2004
2004-02-21PDF File17 kb9/2/2004
2004-01-17PDF File18 kb9/2/2004
2003-11-20PDF File27 kb9/2/2004
2003-07-30PDF File24 kb1/30/2004
2002-11-01PDF File17 kb11/10/2003
2002-10-16PDF File8 kb11/10/2003
2002-07-23PDF File20 kb11/10/2003