Proposed Rules

Revised Sterile Compounding Rule 

The Board of Pharmacy has filed an interim emergency rule to revise the Board's sterile compounding rule, 20 CSR 2220-2.200. The emergency rule will be effective on August 4, 2016. The Board will be conducting an educational campaign to assist pharmacies in the implementation of the revisions. This campaign will include guidance documents, webinars, and the inspection process.

Emergency Rule
Implementation Guide
Rule Review Calendar

2018 Rule Review 

Pursuant to § 536.175, RSMo, the Board will be conducting a review of all of its rules between now and 2018 (see the full Board rule review calendar). The public is invited to take part in the rulemaking process by submitting comments.

The Board is currently requesting public comment on the following rules:

Comments may be submitted online by clicking below, e-mailed to or mailed to the Board office. Comments should be submitted before September 23, 2016.


Special Notice for Small Business Owners 

The Board is interested in comments on the potential impact of any pending Board rule on small businesses. The Board also invites you to join us for our open session meetings where rules may also be discussed. To submit comments on a particular rule, please feel free to write us at:

Missouri Board of Pharmacy
P.O. Box 625
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
or e-mail: