Board of Nursing

Fingerprint Background Checks

  1. Go to and register using the 4 digit registration number of 0001. After you register, you will receive a TCN number. Please write down that number and take it with you to the fingerprint location along with a valid government issued ID.
  2. Click on Fingerprint Sites near the top of the web site at to find a fingerprint location. Once you click on Fingerprint Sites, a map will be displayed. Click on the county you desire, then click on a preferred location. You will then see the location address and hours of operation.

If you DO NOT register online first and take your TCN number with you to the fingerprint location, you WILL experience long wait times.

If you are applying for a license from another state and do not wish to drive to a Missouri fingerprint location, you still need to register as indicated in step 1 above. We recommend that you make payment online. You will then need to go to a law enforcement agency and obtain two inked fingerprint cards captured on a standard FBI-258 applicant fingerprint card. Write down the TCN number on the back of your Fingerprint Cards. Mail your cards to: 3M Cogent, Missouri CardScan, 5025 Bradenton Ave, Suite A, Dublin, OH 43017.

The total fee is $44.80. This includes a State of Missouri search, a FBI search and the Cogent fee. Cogent is the state's vendor that processes fingerprints.