Board of Geologist Registration

Rule Changes

Recently the Board Geologist Registration filed proposed rule changes with the Secretary of State's office. Those proposed rules changes were printed in the October 15, 2013 Missouri Register as Orders of Rulemaking. These rule changes will become effective January 30, 2014.

The rule changes are related to:

20 CSR 2145-1.040 Fees (fee inactive or reactivation of a license)
20 CSR 2145-2.020 Educational Requirements (inclusion of specific geology courses)
20 CSR 2145-2.030 Post-Baccalaureate Experience in Geology (defines the 3 year post baccalaureate experience)
20 CSR 2145-2.065 Temporary Courtesy License (issued to non-resident military spouses)
20 CSR 2145-2.080 Renewal of License (ability to offer inactive status and reactivation of a license)

If you would like to view the rules in their entirety, please access the information using the link below.

Proposed Rules

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