Board of Geologist Registration

Rules & Statutes

Please refer to statute 256.453 to 256.483 for the Board of Geologist statutes.
256.453. Definitions.
256.456. Geology work to be performed under supervision of registered
geologist, when--reports, supervised by registered
geologist--prohibited designations, when--penalty.
256.459. Board of geologist registration created--members, qualifications,
appointment--public members--terms--bond not required--attorney
general to represent board--expenses, reimbursement, compensation,
rules authorized.
256.462. Meetings of board--officers--rules--examinations, preparation
of--certificates of registration, issuance of, code of professional
conduct--suspension, revocation of certificate, when--specialty
fields, board may recognize.
256.465. Fund, established--fees to be set by board, limit.
256.468. Application for certification, contents, requirements--examination
required--geologist-registrant in-training, designation--board,
powers and duties.
256.471. Exempt activities.
256.474. Failure to abide by requirements, board may reprimand.
256.477. Prohibited activities, penalties--board to revoke certificate, when.
256.480. Complaints, board shall investigate, procedures--board may issue
order, powers--appeal of order or action of board.
256.483. Alteration of document prohibited, when, penalty--false evidence or
testimony, penalty--action under expired certificate of registration,