Board of Geologist Registration

Rules & Statutes

Adobe PDF Version of Rule Book
Please refer to statute 256.453 to 256.483 for the Board of Geologist statutes.
256.453. Definitions.
256.456. Geology work to be performed under supervision of registered
geologist, when--reports, supervised by registered
geologist--prohibited designations, when--penalty.
256.459. Board of geologist registration created--members, qualifications,
appointment--public members--terms--bond not required--attorney
general to represent board--expenses, reimbursement, compensation,
rules authorized.
256.462. Meetings of board--officers--rules--examinations, preparation
of--certificates of registration, issuance of, code of professional
conduct--suspension, revocation of certificate, when--specialty
fields, board may recognize.
256.465. Fund, established--fees to be set by board, limit.
256.468. Application for certification, contents, requirements--examination
required--geologist-registrant in-training, designation--board,
powers and duties.
256.471. Exempt activities.
256.474. Failure to abide by requirements, board may reprimand.
256.477. Prohibited activities, penalties--board to revoke certificate, when.
256.480. Complaints, board shall investigate, procedures--board may issue
order, powers--appeal of order or action of board.
256.483. Alteration of document prohibited, when, penalty--false evidence or
testimony, penalty--action under expired certificate of registration,