Board of Geologist Registration

John L Bognar - Chair
RG, Hydrogeologist
St Louis, MO
Term Expires: 4/11/2007

Gary Pendergrass - Vice Chair
PE, RG, Engineering Geologist
Springfield, MO
Term Expires: 04/11/2010

Kenneth Markwell, RG - Secretary/Treasurer
Jefferson City, MO
Term Expires: 04/11/2014

John Szturo, RG
Independence, MO
Term Expires: 04/11/2016

Joseph Gulino, PhD
Public Member
Jefferson City, MO
Term Expires: 4/11/2010

Joseph Gillman, Ex Officio Member
RG, State Geologist
Director of DGLS, MDNR
Rolla, MO

1 Member Vacancy

Public Member, Vacancy

NOTE: Board members continue to serve after term expires until reappointed or replaced.

Rev 05/21/2013 Rx