Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors

Meeting Information - Full Board

The State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors holds board meetings every two to three months. We welcome members of the public to attend all open sessions of the Boards meetings.

When downloading Open Agenda Materials you may experience a delay due the size of the file and your internet connection.

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2015-03-16-17 Open Agenda-MaterialPDF File11183 kb3/11/2015
2015-03-16-17 Open Agenda-Material AMENDEDPDF File17148 kb3/12/2015
2015-03-16-17 Meeting NoticePDF File6 kb2/26/2015
2015-02-11 Meeting Notice-agendaPDF File7 kb2/6/2015
2015-01-29 Meeting notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb1/21/2015
2015-01-29 Ammended Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb1/22/2015
2014-12-9-10 Meeting NoticePDF File6 kb11/14/2014
2014-12-09-10 Open Meeting AgendaPDF File2412 kb12/4/2014
2014-12-09-10 Open Agenda Material-AMENDEDPDF File2412 kb12/4/2014
2014-11-25 Meeting Notice Conf CallPDF File8 kb11/21/2014
2014-09-22 Open Agenda and MaterialPDF File8059 kb9/16/2014
2014-09-22 Meeting NoticePDF File6 kb9/8/2014
2014-09-22 Amended Open Agenda MaterialPDF File9739 kb9/17/2014
2014-08-11 Open Agenda-Material PublicPDF File10826 kb8/6/2014
2014-08-11 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb7/14/2014
2014-06-25 Meeting Notice Agenda-MaterialPDF File5877 kb6/19/2014
2014-05-29 Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb5/27/2014
2014-05-05 Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb4/30/2014
2014-05-05 Meeting Notice-Agenda AMENDEDPDF File11 kb5/1/2014
2014-03-27 Open agenda and MaterialPDF File1696 kb3/24/2014
2014-03-27 Open agenda and Material AMENDEDPDF File1686 kb3/26/2014
2014-03-27 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb3/7/2014
2014-01-21 Meeting notice-Agenda MaterialPDF File2667 kb1/16/2014
2013-12-16-17 Open AgendaPDF File2958 kb12/12/2013
2013-12-16-17 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb12/4/2013
2013-12-16-17 Meeting Notice REVISEDPDF File7 kb12/5/2013
2013-11-6-7 Meeting Notice and AgendaPDF File8 kb10/30/2013
2013-11-6-7 Meeting AgendaPDF File485 kb11/1/2013
2013-09-24-25 OPEN AgendaPDF File29444 kb9/19/2013
2013-09-24-25 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb9/18/2013
2013-08-09 Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb8/6/2013
2013-08-09 Agenda MaterialPDF File131 kb8/7/2013
2013-07-24 Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb7/23/2013
2013-07-24 Agenda MaterialPDF File97 kb7/23/2013
2013-06-25-26 Open Board AgendaPDF File8473 kb6/20/2013
2013-06-25-26 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb5/28/2013
2013-04-10 Conf Call Meeting Notice PDF File8 kb4/5/2013
2013-03-19-20 Open MinutesPDF File751 kb7/1/2013
2013-03-19 20 Open AgendaPDF File783 kb3/14/2013
2013-03-19 20 Open Agenda AMENDEDPDF File791 kb3/18/2013
2013-03-07 Open MinutesPDF File295 kb7/1/2013
2013-03-07 Conf Call Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb3/1/2013
2013-02-22 CANCELLED Conf Call Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb2/19/2013
2013-01-11 Open MinutesPDF File226 kb6/21/2013
2013-01-11 Conf Call Meeting Notice-AgendaPDF File8 kb1/9/2013
2012-12-11-12 Open AgendaPDF File3309 kb12/7/2012
2012-12-11 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb11/30/2012
2012-09-25 Open MintuesPDF File307 kb6/21/2013
2012-09-25 Open Meeting MaterialsPDF File431 kb9/20/2012
2012-09-25 Open Meeting AgendaPDF File11 kb9/20/2012
2012-09-25 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb8/30/2012
2012-09-11 Open MinutesPDF File244 kb6/21/2013
2012-09-11 Meeting Notice-Agenda-Conference CallPDF File8 kb9/7/2012
2012-08-23 Open MinutesPDF File220 kb6/21/2013
2012-08-23 Open Agenda Conference CallPDF File6 kb8/21/2012
2012-08-21 Open MinutesPDF File423 kb6/21/2013
2012-08-21 Open AgendaPDF File11 kb8/14/2012
2012-07-10-11 Open MinutesPDF File423 kb6/21/2013
2012-07-10-11 Open AgendaPDF File1498 kb7/6/2012
2012-07-10-11 Notice Meeting Date ScheduledPDF File6 kb6/8/2012
2012-06-07 Open MinutesPDF File289 kb6/21/2013
2012-06-07 Conf Call Meeting NotcePDF File6 kb6/4/2012
2012-05-02 Open MinutesPDF File229 kb6/21/2013
2012-05-02 Conf Call Meeting NoticePDF File6 kb4/30/2012
2012-04-24-25 Open MinutesPDF File574 kb6/24/2013
2012-04-24 25 Open Meeting MaterialPDF File813 kb4/19/2012
2012-04-24 25 Meeting NoticePDF File14 kb4/19/2012
2012-04-11 Open MinutesPDF File223 kb6/21/2013
2012-04-11 Open AgendaPDF File6 kb4/9/2012
2012-03-28 Open MinutesPDF File223 kb6/21/2013
2012-03-28 Open AgendaPDF File7 kb3/27/2012
2012-03-20 21 Open Agenda CANCELLEDPDF File16 kb3/20/2012
2012-03-20 21 Open Agenda PDF File3381 kb3/16/2012
2012-03-20 21 Meeting Date ScheduledPDF File6 kb2/16/2012
2012-03-02 Open MinutesPDF File524 kb6/24/2013
2012-03-02 Open AgendaPDF File660 kb2/28/2012
2012-01-25 Open MinutesPDF File607 kb7/1/2013
2012-01-25 Open AgendaPDF File7585 kb9/11/2012
2011-12-27 Open MinutesPDF File240 kb6/21/2013
2011-12-27 Open AgendaPDF File6 kb12/23/2011
2011-12-07 Open MinutesPDF File525 kb6/21/2013
2011-12-07 Open AgendaPDF File18 kb11/22/2011
2011-12-07 Open Agenda Amended UPDATEDPDF File2856 kb12/5/2011
2011-12-07 Open Agenda - AMENDEDPDF File13 kb12/1/2011
2011-11-04 Open MinutesPDF File242 kb6/24/2013
2011-11-04 Open AgendaPDF File9 kb10/28/2011
2011-09-27-29 Open MinutesPDF File7086 kb7/1/2013
2011-09-27-29 Open AgendaPDF File6977 kb9/21/2011
2011-09-27-29 Open Agenda Amended UPDATED START TIME 9-28PDF File9 kb9/21/2011
2011-09-27 Meeting NoticePDF File7 kb8/25/2011
2011-08-12 Open MinutesPDF File355 kb11/21/2011
2011-08-12 Meeting NoticePDF File67 kb8/10/2011
2011-06-1-2 Open MinutesPDF File2347 kb11/29/2011
2011-06-1-2 Open Agenda Material UPDATEDPDF File8197 kb6/1/2011
2011-05-18 Open MinutesPDF File267 kb7/1/2013
2011-05-18 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File308 kb5/16/2011
2011-05-18 Meeting NoticePDF File12 kb5/13/2011
2011-03-03 Open MinutesPDF File456 kb11/21/2011
2011-03-03 Open AgendaPDF File20 kb2/25/2011
2011-01-14 Meeting Notice CANCELLEDPDF File8 kb1/13/2011
2011-01-11 Open MinutesPDF File189 kb11/21/2011
2011-01-11 Conference Call Meeting NoticePDF File8 kb1/10/2011
2010-12-16 Open MinutesPDF File403 kb11/21/2011
2010-12-16 Meeting NoticePDF File13 kb12/10/2010
2010-12-07-08 Open MinutesPDF File618 kb11/21/2011
2010-12-06 REVISED Open AgendaPDF File14 kb12/6/2010
2010-12-06 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File1670 kb11/29/2010
2010-10-27 REVISED Meeting NoticePDF File14 kb10/26/2010
2010-10-27 Open MinutesPDF File265 kb11/21/2011
2010-09-09 Public Open Meeting MaterialPDF File4643 kb9/9/2010
2010-09-08-09 Open MinutesPDF File385 kb11/21/2011
2010-09-08 revisedPDF File11 kb9/3/2010
2010-07-22PDF File9 kb7/20/2010
2010-07-22 Open MinutesPDF File219 kb9/16/2011
2010-06-14Public Open Meeting MaterialsPDF File3356 kb6/14/2010
2010-06-14PDF File15 kb6/2/2010
2010-03-30-31 Open MinutesPDF File1292 kb11/21/2011
2010-03-30 Public Open Meeting MaterialPDF File1561 kb4/1/2010
2010-02-11PDF File13 kb2/8/2010
2010-02-11 Wenzel CommentsPDF File18 kb2/8/2010
2010-02-11 Open MinutesPDF File280 kb11/21/2011
2010-02-11 Jimmy Hoolingshad CommentsPDF File11 kb2/11/2010
2010-02-11 Don Otto CommentsPDF File13 kb2/11/2010
2010-02-04PDF File22 kb1/27/2010
2010-02-04 OpenAgendaMaterialsPDF File222 kb2/16/2010
2010-02-04 Open MinutesPDF File361 kb11/21/2011
2010-01-22PDF File13 kb1/14/2010
2010-01-22 Open MinutesPDF File258 kb11/21/2011
2009-12-8-9 Open MinutesPDF File9592 kb4/26/2011
2009-12-09 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File583 kb12/4/2009
2009-11-5 Open MinutesPDF File233 kb5/2/2011
2009-10-20 Open MinutesPDF File7836 kb5/2/2011
2009-10-20 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File2489 kb10/19/2009
2009-09-2-3 Open MinutesPDF File37776 kb6/10/2011
2009-08-25 Open Minutes PDF File24320 kb6/10/2011
2009-08-25 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File8 kb8/21/2009
2009-08-19 Open MinutesPDF File15551 kb6/10/2011
2009-08-11 Open MinutesPDF File18101 kb6/13/2011
2009-08-11 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File21 kb8/5/2009
2009-08-04-05 Open MinutesPDF File17044 kb6/13/2011
2009-08-04 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File70 kb7/31/2009
2009-07-29-30 Open MinutesPDF File7476 kb6/13/2011
2009-03-30 04-01 Open MinutesPDF File1185 kb4/27/2011
2008-12-16 Open MinutesPDF File267 kb4/27/2011
2008-12-11 Open MinutesPDF File177 kb4/27/2011
2008-12-08 Open MinutresPDF File175 kb4/27/2011
2008-12-02-04 Open MinutesPDF File887 kb4/27/2011
2008-12-02 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File6533 kb11/14/2008
2008-11-13 Allied Council MeetingPDF File10 kb11/10/2008
2008-09-08PDF File11 kb12/10/2013
2008-09-08 Recommendations - Missouri Preneed Coalition edit recommendationsPDF File990 kb9/8/2008
2008-09-08 Open MinutesPDF File271 kb12/10/2013
2008-09-08 JCR 9-8-08 for Open meetingPDF File1236 kb9/8/2008
2008-09-08 436 Working Group Recommendations _Stalter comments_PDF File93 kb9/8/2008
2008-09-04PDF File11 kb11/16/2011
2008-09-04 Recommendations - MFDEAPDF File1118 kb9/4/2008
2008-09-04 Recommendations - MeierhofferPDF File997 kb9/4/2008
2008-09-04 Recommendations - KutisPDF File978 kb9/4/2008
2008-09-04 Recommendations - FinancePDF File976 kb9/4/2008
2008-09-04 Recommendations - APSPDF File1013 kb9/4/2008
2008-09-04 Open MinutesPDF File5092 kb12/23/2013
2008-09-04 Open Meeting Transcription and CommentsPDF File6766 kb11/13/2008
2008-09-04 Comments - Moore Funeral HomePDF File13 kb9/4/2008
2008-09-04 Chapter 436 draft 090308PDF File1241 kb9/3/2008
2008-09-04 Chapter 436 draft 090308 replacement pagesPDF File177 kb9/3/2008
2008-08-26PDF File10 kb11/16/2011
2008-08-26 Open MinutesPDF File181 kb12/10/2013
2008-08-20 Open Meeting TranscriptPDF File187 kb8/18/2010
2008-08-18PDF File19 kb12/23/2013
2008-08-18 Open MinutesPDF File3531 kb12/23/2013
2008-08-18 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File1221 kb8/21/2008
2008-08-12PDF File13 kb11/16/2011
2008-08-12 Open MinutesPDF File5164 kb12/23/2013
2008-08-12 Open Meeting Transcription and CommentsPDF File3941 kb11/13/2008
2008-08-12 Missouri Funeral Trust Comments to Funeral Consumer Alliance 436 Committee PDF File13 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 Michael Meierhoffer comments PDF File131 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 Michael Meierhoffer 436 proposed draft PDF File105 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 Homesteader 436 proposed draft PDF File1515 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 Funeral Consumer Alliance Comments 436 Committee PDF File13 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 Draft on Trusting & Cancellation PDF File18 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 Bill Stalter Letter to Linda bohrer 436 Recommendations PDF File388 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 Bill Stalter Letter to Connie Clarkston 436 Recommendations PDF File145 kb8/8/2008
2008-08-12 AARP comments PDF File49 kb8/11/2008
2008-07-29PDF File37 kb11/16/2011
2008-07-29 Open MinutesPDF File5346 kb12/10/2013
2008-07-29 Open Meeting Transcription and CommentsPDF File3245 kb11/12/2008
2008-07-29 Open Agenda MaterialPDF File573 kb7/25/2008
2008-07-29 Chapter 436 DRAFT DistributedPDF File1024 kb7/30/2008
2008-07-24PDF File35 kb11/16/2011
2008-07-24 Open MinutesPDF File1067 kb12/10/2013
2008-07-24 Open Meeting Transcription and CommentsPDF File1549 kb11/10/2008
2008-07-15PDF File35 kb11/16/2011
2008-07-15 Open MinutesPDF File989 kb12/10/2013
2008-07-15 Open Meeting TranscriptionPDF File1650 kb11/10/2008
2008-07-08Chapter436ReviewCommitteeSurveyPDF File37 kb6/18/2008
2008-07-08Chapter436letterPDF File14 kb6/19/2008
2008-07-08PDF File31 kb11/16/2011
2008-07-08 Open MinutesPDF File1936 kb12/10/2013
2008-07-08 Open Meeting TranscriptionPDF File1783 kb11/10/2008
2008-06-12PDF File10 kb11/16/2011
2008-06-12 Open MinutesPDF File166 kb12/10/2013
2008-05-15PDF File11 kb11/16/2011
2008-05-15 Open MinutesPDF File411 kb12/10/2013
2008-05-07PDF File10 kb11/16/2011
2008-05-07 Open MinutesPDF File150 kb12/10/2013
2008-04-28PDF File12 kb11/16/2011
2008-04-28 Open MinutesPDF File183 kb12/4/2013
2008-04-22PDF File11 kb11/16/2011
2008-04-22 Open MinutesPDF File160 kb10/2/2013
2008-04-14PDF File12 kb11/16/2011
2008-04-14 Open MinutesPDF File2053 kb11/15/2011
2008-04-14 Open Meeting TranscriptionPDF File748 kb4/15/2009
2008-04-10PDF File12 kb11/16/2011
2008-04-10 Open MinutesPDF File10559 kb10/2/2013
2008-04-10 Open Meeting TranscriptionPDF File709 kb4/15/2009
2008-04-07 Open MinutesPDF File1154 kb11/8/2011
2008-04-07 Open Agenda MaterialsPDF File5819 kb4/4/2008
2008-03-19 Open MinutesPDF File197 kb8/5/2013
2008-02-27 Open MinutesPDF File184 kb8/5/2013
2007-12-03PDF File22 kb8/5/2013
2007-12-03 Open MinutesPDF File1698 kb8/5/2013
2007-09-27 Open MinutesPDF File1685 kb11/8/2011
2007-08-27-29 Open MinutesPDF File1688 kb11/8/2011
2007-07-12PDF File24 kb1/7/2009
2007-03-27PDF File203 kb1/7/2009
2007-03-27- Open Agenda MaterialsPDF File7155 kb1/29/2008
2007-03-01PDF File15 kb1/7/2009
2006-12-13PDF File15 kb1/7/2009
2006-12-11ppmPDF File15 kb1/7/2009
2006-12-11pm cancelledPDF File32 kb12/11/2006
2006-12-11amPDF File15 kb1/7/2009
2006-12-03PDF File99 kb1/7/2009
2006-11-27PDF File15 kb1/7/2009
2006-11-21PDF File15 kb1/7/2009
2006-11-08pm cancelledPDF File32 kb11/9/2006
2006-11-08am cancelledPDF File32 kb11/8/2006
2006-11-07pm cancelledPDF File32 kb11/8/2006
2006-11-07am candelledPDF File32 kb11/8/2006
2006-10-27pm cancelledPDF File32 kb10/25/2006
2006-10-27am cancelledPDF File32 kb10/25/2006
2006-10-26pm cancelledPDF File32 kb10/25/2006
2006-10-26am cancelledPDF File32 kb10/25/2006
2006-10-25pm cancelledPDF File32 kb10/25/2006
2006-10-25am cancelledPDF File32 kb10/25/2006
2006-10-24pmPDF File15 kb1/12/2007
2006-10-24am cancelledPDF File32 kb10/24/2006
2006-10-23pm cancelledPDF File32 kb10/24/2006
2006-10-23am cancelledPDF File32 kb10/23/2006
2006-10-18PDF File16 kb1/12/2007
2006-10-02PDF File16 kb1/12/2007
2006-08-28PDF File67 kb1/12/2007
2006-07-18 OpenMeetingTranscriptionPDF File987 kb9/25/2008
2006-07-17PDF File146 kb1/12/2007
2006-03-29PDF File23 kb1/12/2007
2006-03-14PDF File15 kb1/12/2007
2006-03-06PDF File222 kb1/12/2007
2006-02-07PDF File29 kb1/12/2007
2006-01-04PDF File56 kb1/12/2007
2005-12-05PDF File59 kb1/12/2007
2005-10-13PDF File15 kb4/12/2006
2005-09-29PDF File17 kb4/12/2006
2005-09-09PDF File14 kb4/12/2006
2005-09-08 cancelledPDF File26 kb9/7/2005
2005-08-29PDF File49 kb4/12/2006
2005-06-22PDF File15 kb11/1/2005
2005-05-10PDF File16 kb11/1/2005
2005-03-14PDF File41 kb11/1/2005
2005-01-20PDF File21 kb4/29/2005
2005-01-20 revisedPDF File12 kb1/14/2005
2004-12-06PDF File34 kb4/29/2005
2004-08-25PDF File36 kb1/14/2005
2004-06-16PDF File15 kb9/23/2004
2004-04-29PDF File27 kb9/23/2004
2004-03-03PDF File210 kb9/23/2004
2004-01-20PDF File15 kb6/3/2004
2004-01-16PDF File11 kb6/3/2004
2003-12-15PDF File25 kb4/13/2004
2003-08-28PDF File25 kb1/30/2004
2003-06-02PDF File76 kb11/3/2003
2003-03-05PDF File25 kb11/3/2003
2002-12-02PDF File59 kb11/3/2003
2002-10-22PDF File14 kb11/3/2003
2002-10-07PDF File24 kb11/3/2003
2002-07-08PDF File93 kb11/3/2003
2002-05-24PDF File12 kb11/3/2003