The application process for the National Counselor Examination (NCE) is now automated. Applicants for the NCE need to follow the instructions below to register online. NOTE: An applicant must have the graduate transcript (transcript must include the date the advanced degree was awarded) in a format that can be uploaded with the application, for example PDF. NBCC will accept paper application forms for a limited time however payment must be made by money order. The goal is for examination candidates to apply online to eliminate incorrect entry of candidate name, email address and exam choice since the candidate will be entering this detail. The paper application form will be available to those that have limited or no access to the internet.


1. Go to NBCC's webpage at

2. Click on the "ProCounselor Login" tab. (top right of the page)

3. Click on "Register to take a State Licensure Exam"

4. Applicant will need to Create an Account if this is the first time the applicant has registered to take the NCE. Follow the instructions on this page to create an account or log in based upon previous registration. NOTE: The Committee for Professional Counselors does not have information regarding the email address or password associated with the applicant's registration.

5. To advance through the application process, all line item headers in Bold must be completed.

6. Choose the option to upload the transcript, it must be done before an applicant can proceed to the next page. The applicant will also have the option to have the transcript sent to CCE by their institution.

7. Credit card payment is required at this point.

8. Individuals are required to provide an electronic signature.

9. Once all the mandatory information has been completed and credit card payment submitted, the CCE's State Licensure Facilitators will receive the candidate's registration.

The applicant's online registration will be electronically exported to Pearson Vue (examination administrator). If you experience problem, please contact the Center for Credentialing & Education at 336/482-2856.

At the end of the online registration is a brief survey and exam applicants are encouraged to provide feedback to NBCC/CCE.


Section 337.510.1 RSMo of the licensure statutes requires an applicant pass an examination and section 337.535.1 RSMo requires the Committee for Professional Counselors to approve the examination for licensure. The licensure rule 20 CSR 2095-2.030 requires an applicant for licensure pass the National Counselor Examination (NCE).

The NCE is administered for Missouri by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). The examination is a computer based test available at locations throughout the country, to include Missouri. Information regarding the examination is available at and for a copy of the NCE Candidate Handbook. The Candidate Handbook is included on the Committee's website also.

Questions concerning special needs or test procedures must be direct to CCE.

Paper Examination Registration Form and Information