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Seminar(s) Offered by School

Seminar Title Method of Delivery
Accident Reconstruction Casuality Bodily Injury (Sept 2016 online) Online
Chiropractic As Primary Spine Care (March 2016 Online) Online
Foundational Laboratory Analysis (Feb 2017 TN) Classroom
Foundational Laboratory Analysis (June 2017 IL) Classroom
Impairment Rating Spoine and Nervous System (Online 7/27/16) Online
Interprofessional Hospital Based Spine Care (March 2016 Online) Online
MRI Spine Credentialing Course (MAY 2016 online) Online
MRI Spine Interpretations Basics (Sept 2016 online) Online
Patient Intake, History and Examination (online July 29, 2016 Online
Personal Injury bootcamp Triage Diagnosis (Online May 2016) Online
Primary Spine Care 2 (Online for 2017) Online
Spinal Biomechanical Engineering (May 2016 online) Online
Spinal Trauma Pathology (online April 2016) Online