Behavior Analyst Advisory Board


   Statutes 337 (300 to 345) (see below)
   Statutes 376 (1224) (see below)

337.300. Definitions.
337.305. Advisory board created, members, terms, meetings, vacancies.
337.310. Board powers and duties.
337.315. Intervention requirements--licensure requirements--temporary licenses--practice of applied behavior analysis--violation, penalty.
337.320. Renewal of licensure, procedure.
337.325. Limitation on practice.
337.330. Refusal of licensure--complaint procedure.
337.335. Violations, penalty.
337.340. Fees--collection and deposit.
337.345. Provisional license, application procedure.
376.1224. Definitions--insurance coverage required--limitations on coverage--maximum benefit amount, adjustments--reimbursements, how made--applicability to plans--waiver, when--report.