Real Estate Appraisers Commission

Meeting Information


Meeting Dates

The Commission convenes for a face-to-face meeting approximately four times per year and conducts conference calls approximately every four weeks.

The Commission does not wish to delay anyone's application; however, deadlines are required due to the large volume of incoming mail, phone calls and the time it takes to assemble the commission's agenda.

All results of the review will be mailed as quickly as possible from the date of the meeting or conference call. Results cannot be given over the telephone due to confidentiality of the information.

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2014-12-09PDF File98 kb11/26/2014
2014-12-09 RevisedPDF File98 kb12/3/2014
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2014-08-20PDF File74 kb8/6/2014
2014-08-05PDF File68 kb7/30/2014
2014-07-23PDF File68 kb7/23/2014
2014-07-16PDF File73 kb7/2/2014
2014-06-17PDF File99 kb6/3/2014
2014-05-21PDF File73 kb5/6/2014
2014-04-16PDF File73 kb3/28/2014
2014-03-18PDF File98 kb3/4/2014
2014-02-26PDF File74 kb2/11/2014
2014-01-15PDF File73 kb12/19/2013
2013-12-10PDF File72 kb11/25/2013
2013-11-13PDF File73 kb10/29/2013
2013-10-16PDF File73 kb9/30/2013
2013-09-26PDF File68 kb9/20/2013
2013-09-10PDF File72 kb8/26/2013
2013-08-14PDF File73 kb7/30/2013
2013-07-17PDF File244 kb7/3/2013
2013-06-18PDF File244 kb6/7/2013
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2013-04-17PDF File243 kb4/3/2013
2013-03-12PDF File246 kb3/1/2013
2013-02-28PDF File235 kb2/25/2013
2013-02-13PDF File244 kb1/30/2013
2013-01-16PDF File244 kb12/24/2012