Offices will be closed on Thanksgiving, Thursday & Friday, November 23 & 24, 2017.

2017 Rule Review

Pursuant to Executive Order 17-03 and & 536.175, RSMo, the Board will be conducting a review of all of its rules between now and 2018. The Board will be taking public comments on any of its rules during it's meetings. Public comments can also be submitted on-line.

The Board's rule review initiative will be jointly conducted with the rule review required by Executive Order 17-03. The Board will take general comments on any rule at it's meetings then take specific comments on the rules identified on the Board's open public board meeting agenda.

Public comments may be submitted on-line or in writing via e-mail, US mail or fax.

FAQs for Public Schools and Municipalities

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Missouri Laws and Rules Exam

Architects, Professional Engineers, and Professional Landscape Architects - Test your knowledge of Chapter 327, RSMo, the Board Rules, and Practice Ethics. This exam has been approved for 2 CEUs/PDHs.

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Preparation and Self-Certification of SPCC Plans

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Sealing Record Drawings

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Tutorial video on how to create a .PDF document with an authentication process. This video is being provided as a service and should not be considered to be a mandatory requirement.

Tutorial video on how to electronically sign a PDF document utilizing Adobe Acrobat

Requirements Regarding the Use of Professional Seals

Requirements Regarding the Use of Professional Seals

Attorney General Letter Regarding Action on Public Nuisance

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Attorney General Letter Regarding Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)

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NOTICE - House Bill 600

Effective July 1, 2003, all persons and business entities applying for or renewing licenses with the Division of Professional Registration are required to have paid all state income taxes, and to have filed all necessary state income tax returns for the preceding three years. (more information)

Disciplinary Actions

HB 600 Suspensions
Licensees Currently on Probation
Licensees Currently on Suspension