2017 Rule Review

Pursuant to Executive Order 17-03 and & 536.175, RSMo, the Board will be conducting a review of all of its Rules between now and 2018. The Board will be taking public comments on any of its Rules during its August 16 and September 27 at 8 a.m. meetings. Two methods are available for submitting public comments to the board.

  1. Public comments can be submitted on-line.
  2. Public comments can be submitted in person at the Board's August and/or October board meeting(s). It is requested that if you plan on using this option that you submit your comments in advance so that copies can be made prior to the meeting(s) you plan on attending. You will also need to check the appropriate meeting(s) open agenda(s) for the scheduled time for public comments of a specific meeting date, http://pr.mo.gov/accountancy-meetings.asp.

About the Board

The Missouri State Board of Accountancy is a unit of the Division of Professional Registration of the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration (DIFP). The Missouri State Board of Accountancy was created in 1909 by Senate Bill 112 and passed by the 44th General Assembly. The Board is a state agency and the members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Board is a cash funded agency, supported entirely by CPA candidates' and licensees' fees. The Public Accountancy Act is the set of statutes that govern the ability of the Board to regulate certified public accountants in Missouri.

Mission Statement

The mission of the State Board of Accountancy is to protect the interests of all the citizens of the State of Missouri, as provided in Chapter 326, RSMo, by examining, certifying, licensing and regulating certified public accountants and public accountants, and firms of certified public accountants and public accountants in the State of Missouri. The Board promulgates rules necessary to administer the provisions of Chapter 326 to ensure the competence and ethical standards of practitioners; regulates and enforces the practice of public accounting; investigates complaints and violations of Chapter 326 and related rules; and determines appropriate discipline for those who are found to have violated the statutes or regulations.

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